Tripp Self Running for Judge

Prominent Macon attorney Tripp Self has declared his candidacy for Superior Court Judge of the Macon Judicial Circuit, which covers Bibb, Crawford, and Peach Counties. He’s picked up the endorsements of Larry Justice, Robert Ray, and a number of other prominent people in the area (I think George Hooks as well).

This race is a rarity in that circuit. The last time there was an open seat in that circuit was in the mid-80’s, when Bryant Culpepper was elected.

Personally, I’d crawl over broken glass, rusty nails, and burning coals to see Tripp get the job. I use to work with him and he’s just about the nicest, fairest, and most ethical person I know.


  1. larry smith says:

    Isn’t Tripp one of Ralph Reed’s big supporters, or is my recollection off?

    I’ll wait for someone to answer that before I comment.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Tripp is a fabulous person. He’s dedicated to his profession and is a good listener. He is also a giving person. I believe Bibb County will be well served with him.

  3. Erick says:

    Jack, I think a guy named Ed Ennis intends to run as well.

    Larry, Tripp is a friend of Ralph’s but, to my knowledge, is not actively supporting him. He’s focusing on winning his own race.

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