Vincent Ford Calls Me To Task Apparently

Vincent Ford apparently thinks I wrote the pending Voter ID bill in the Senate. He grilled Cecil Staton today on the floor of the Senate about his connection with me and the drafting of the Voter ID bill.

No, Senator, I did not write the bill. Last session, I was asked my opinion prior to the law being formed and submitted a suggested draft. The legislative counsel’s office actually drafted the legislation. I played no role this session at all and was not consulted. In fact, I’m not even practicing law anymore.

While I appreciate keeping my name in the public, you’ve got your facts wrong Senator. And if I’ve said anything to lead you astray, I apologize. In conclusion, several people asked for my thoughts, I gave them. I did not actually write the law in question. The LC’s staff did.

Let me also say that the idea of a photo id at the polls is hugely popular across the nation.


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