I Find This Delightfully Humorous

From the tip line

Rumor overheard after the CC meeting – Sen. Chip Rogers is considering joining DA King as a statewide candidate. He’d run as a Lt. Gov. candidate (possibly as a Republican) if King can get the signatures required to be on the ballot. Rumor is that Rogers is upset at the Gov. and Sen. Leadership’s refusal to stand behind his effordts at getting tough on illegals, and at having some of his bill shut down. The Lt. Gov run would give King’s run a little more legitimacy, and would put Rogers (who is obviously ambitious) into the spotlight. Ultimately he hopes it would force GOP leadership to take a harder line on immigration.

I am not holding my breath on this. Senator Rogers has been a good solider in the GOP army and I just don’t see him getting into the race as either an independent or as a challenger to Cagle and Reed.


  1. stephaniemills21 says:

    Can i just say, that i find it very confusing to call both Casey Cagle, and Cathy Cox by CC. Everytime i see CC i get confused for a second or two. Are there any suggestions out there for a new moniker for either candidate?

  2. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Okay – I hardly doubt this is true – b/c as Erick said, he seems pretty loyal to the Governor and Leadership …. but he’s also loyal to Cagle – with that in mind:

    So …maybe it’s not that crazy — he runs, he clearly doesn’t win, but he shows his disdain for the leadership and gets his point across. If Cagle wins, as I suppose he is somewhat the favorite now, then the entire leadership structure could very well change anyways — Virtually all of the new Senators have more of a relationship with Cagle and his “wing” of the party then with the current leadership wing. Plus, factor in Stephens being gone — Jack Murphy in — that’s one more possible vote for that side.

    So if this “purely hypothetical” situation did happen – what’s he got to lose?

    I do find it somewhat ironic that the Governor and, presumably, Leadership keep halting his bill – since he seems to have done about everything asked of him.

  3. ChipRogers says:

    I could not let this one go by without a comment. I’ve seen some strange rumors but this one has to be near the top of the list.

    #1. I have endorsed, campaigned for, contributed to, supported, and given speeches for Casey Cagle. Whatever political capital I may have will be spent trying to get him elected.

    #2. I am a Republican – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

    #3. I support Senate Leadership and believe they are doing an excellent job.

    #4. The issue of illegal immigration is important to me, but so are the issues of major education reform, major tax reform, and yes even environmental protections.

    #5. Most importantly, I have 4 children age 6 & Under. Just being a State Senator takes a considerable amount of time from my family. In other words, I am maxed out where I am.

    I am flattered by the suggestion that anyone may consider me worthy of such a state-wide position. However, please know anyone who supports me should put all their effort into electing Casey Cagle Lt. Governor, because that is what I will be doing.

  4. Erick says:

    Senator, that is kind of what I was thinking, but I figured you’d be able to get on and respond — though a mutual friend questions your computer proficiency. Heh.

  5. sdgapeach says:

    This is for Senator Chip Rogers: I applaud your agenda priorities. I agree, 100%

    Just curious: You proclaimed your support of Casey Cagle; you mentioned loyalty to the Republican party, does that mean you are loyal to Perdue?

    Lastly, have you done any research on John Dashler, Independent? I think you might be interested in and happy with his agenda and his Vision (solid ideas for social-educational-economical reform) for Georgia. Just thought you might be interested….

  6. ChipRogers says:

    I am loyal to Sonny Perdue. He deserves re-election.

    I don’t know anything about John Dashler. I’ll look him up.

  7. TigerLily says:

    I believe the Senate Republican Leadership and caucus support Senator Rogers 100% on his illegal immigrant legislation. I am sure we’ll see his bill on the floor soon and the House will probably support it as well if they don’t have their own bills to pass on the same issue.

  8. dking says:

    Will someone please explain why anyone, GOP or Dem, would not demand/support the requirement that state contractors be required to verify SSN’s of emplyees? [ SB 169…Rogers]… the Dem gov of Az set up a monitoring system there in Oct…by Exec. Order. Doing so does not require legislation.

    Why [HA!] has Perdue not taken advantage of the 1996 law [ section 287 (g)] that allows state law enforcement to be trained and authorized to apprehend and detain those who have violated immigration laws? ALABAMA did it in 2003 [ Dem gov then?] and has been wildly successful in taking gang members, drug dealers and drug money off the street. Doing so does not require legislation.

    Is sadly interesting to watch the people involved in the organized crime that is illegal immigration dictate which of our laws are enforced.

    Why is the fact that state senator Zamarripa is founding partner of United Americas Bank – that is making mortgage loans to illegals- not a well publicized scandal?

    No conflict there…right?

    Senator Rogers seems to have the most courage under the Gold Dome…I wish I were as convinced of the GOP caucus intentions as Tiger Lily is.

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