Burns vs. Barrow – Round 2

Eliot Peace has this preview of the Burns-Barrow rematch in the redrawn 12th District. 

 This race should live up to its hype with plenty of out-of-state money thrown around by both parties. With three large metropolitan areas (with low advertising costs) in or near the 12th District, political observers expect a flurry of TV ads from both sides. Georgia’s 12th District has been targeted by Republicans for a potential takeover and will be defended vigorously by the Democrats. It ought to be a dogfight.

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  1. Oh there are so many half truths about this article that I don’t know where to begin. How about some simple numbers…the new 12th district has a higher percentage of African Americans than the old one. So how exactly does that move it from lean Democratic to a toss up?

    Clearly the target of the congressional redistricting was shoring up Phil Gingrey’s district. Even so, I find it telling that national Republican consultants won’t even mention Mac Collins (who is running in a much more Republican district than Burns). Even a spin doctor doesn’t have the right prescription for that race!

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