More Cities Coming

If some have their way.

Two major tracts of land are left in unincorporated north Fulton County, and bills that may debut as early as today would turn them into new cities.

If the bills succeed, as one to create Sandy Springs did last year, Fulton County’s day-to-day influence on the Northside would be over.

The new cities would close the circle on the incorporation of north Fulton. Everything in the county above Atlanta would be part of six cities, including the new ones, Riverside to the northeast and Milton to the northwest.

For many of those residents — roughly 71,000 in Riverside and 20,000 in Milton — it’s like an emancipation. They are throwing down the shackles of a county they believe badly underserves them.

What they would get instead is another set of governments — municipal ones — but they would be a lot smaller and much closer to home.

Being the Republican that I am, it strikes me as usually a bad idea to create new government. But, in this case, it’s like the cable and phone monopolies. You have no choice, so the company can screw you. With the advent of satellite, the cable companies had to get their butts in gear.

In the same way, these residents were forced to have to deal with Fulton County for all their governmental needs. Fulton took all their money and gave them the shaft in return. No more.

[UPDATE] From the tip line we learn that Senator Weber is trying to get Dunwoody incorporated. Can we change the name first? Kidding.


  1. The interesting thing to see is whether these new cities have to raise taxes to offer the same level of services, something that seems likely in Sandy Springs. If that’s the case, it would be hard to to say with a straight face that Fulton took all their money and gave them the shaft in return.

    Additionally, you might ask why are these people allowed to vote in Fulton elections if they hate the county so much? They’ve managed to elect a Republican county commission chair for as long as anyone can remember, be it Karen Handel, Mike Kent or Skandalakis, and they still bitch about not getting any services. I don’t think a lot of these people will ever be happy.

  2. memberg says:

    I’m sure the FulCo residents in the proposed Riverside and Milton cities are hanging onto life by a thread of county-provided services…

    I’m not opposed to cityhood (citydom?) for those areas, but I hate it when people say that they support it because they’re missing out on so many government services. It can’t be about that, because they aren’t going to change their lifestyle after the city is founded.

    So, North Fulton separatists: please just call a spade a spade.

  3. DeKalb County has great services, low taxes, a recycling program, on and on. They also have Vernon Jones as CEO. And some people can’t seem to handle that. They want to increase their taxes on a permanent level because of some guy who won’t even be around anymore in 2 years, go ahead I guess.

  4. 4ofspades says:

    Hardcore, let’s not forget that the Dem’s have been in control of the FC commision forever. Handel and Kenn and Skandalakis were and are all out voted 4 – 3. The CEO in DeKalb is a different position the Chairman of FC. The CEO is also county manager, unlike FC.

    As far as a tax increasze there is a study out there that’s show’s both cities should be able to exist on existing tax base.

  5. GabrielSterling says:

    Hardcore, you seem to not actually read legislation you discuss. In Sandy Springs the City Council is prohibited by the Charter of the City itself from raising taxes. The millage rate is capped at 4.731 mils. It can not be raised without a vote of the citizens. Sandy Springs also will have the protection in place to cap property tax increases forced by reassessment (the backdoor property tax increase) to only 3% or the Consumer Price Index (CPI) whichever is lower.

    Riverside and Milton will likely follow the same path.

    The amount of money that Fulton County, by their own admission, is funnelling out of these areas will pay for the services necessary there. Plus, as cities they will get a portion of the LOST revenue that they never had access to previously.

    The Fulton dems could have avoided this situation if they had been fair. If they had been fair in zoning. If they had been fair in taxation. If they had been fair in service levels.

    In Sandy Springs, Fulton was spending (according to Fulton County) $85 per capita for around 85,000. In South Fulton they were spending $277 per capita for about 55,000 people.

    Sandy Springs is already fixing roads, retiming lights, cracking down on the sex industry that is hampering redevelopment on Roswell Road, and many other things. BTW they only took over these services 23 days ago.

  6. memberg says:

    Gabe: There are so many “porn stores” in the Atlanta area that you could almost say that people have their own “neighborhood” porn stores. Following that [flawless] logic, the only reason a porn store survives/flourishes in an area is because it’s supported by the local economy.

    But since you’re citing it – please give some examples of hampered redevelopment on Roswell Road. I’ll make it easy on you. Limit your examples to Roswell Road between 285 and Abernathy. Or if you like, take it all the way to Dalrymple.

  7. Jackets over Dogs says:

    Anybody know anything about proposed cities in South Fulton County? I’ve heard there are three or four more that want to be like Sandy Springs.

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