Good mannered politicians.

Today’s AJC has an article about a good manners class for politicians:

So when Debra Lassiter, owner of “Perfectly Polished” in Athens, told 45 city officials from all over Georgia, “Even if it is the toughest piece of meat you’ve ever had in your life, you do not saw” — she had their rapt attention.

An effervescent etiquette expert who fancies the expression “Oh, my stars,” Lassiter spent six hours Saturday going over the do’s and dont’s of eating, body language and conversation.

Trained at the Protocol School of Washington, Lassiter teaches “Business Diplomacy and Protocol,” part of the 48th annual Mayor’s Day Conference, which ends today at the downtown Hilton. The three-day affair is put on by the Georgia Municipal Association, with help from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at UGA.

Attendees sat through dry discourses about personnel law, lobbying and risk management. But in Lassiter’s class, they made amusing discoveries about sophisticated schmoozing.

“I didn’t realize they had a corkscrew butter remover,” remarked Dahlonega Councilman Bill Scott. It’s actually called a butter pick.

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  1. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Well, they could have saved themselves a whole lot of time, if they would just read the 2 installments about manners over at Blog for Democracy. The first one appeared in December about being a party guest, and the second one last week abut making introductions.

    Most of it’s common sense, no one needs to know about butter picks. Good Lord how pretentious.

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