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I had a family get together this weekend and did not attend the Christian Coalition event. I hear that both sides were at parity — about evenly matched — but that Cagle’s team probably won the sign war.

As to the actual forum, a Cagle supporter tells me Reed probably had a slight advantage, but that Cagle had more volunteers present.

Here is the AJC’s look.

Personally, if Ralph and Casey were at parity at a Christian Coalition event, I think that tends to help Casey. Given Ralph’s history, he should have owned something like that. This just shows that Casey is not going to roll over. It’s going to be a bloody fight all the way till the primary.

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  1. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, I can’t help but to say that it’s well past the point where “Casey is not going to roll over.”

    Ralph Reed is part of one of this country’s largest corruption investigations of Congress ever. He is tied by actions and in writing to the ring leader of it all Jack Abramoff. He participated in a massive laundering scheme to defraud our Native Americans of their money. He has not been truthful with his financial or political supporters about any of this.

    It is absolutely amazing and a testament to their commitment that people still support Ralph Reed.

    As my cousin, who is a very devout Christian, said, it’s amazing that people can be so easily manipulated.

    I say it is both amazing, scary, and sad…

    I don’t think this election for the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor will be bloody, I think it may be sad, as someone like Ralph Reed tries and make a case for serving in an office of public trust.

    Just remember, you can’t spell REED without GREED!

  2. schleyguy says:

    I certainly saw a lot of Casey Cagle signs on the side of 285 on all of the northside exit/entrance ramps. Too bad signs can’t vote!

  3. Jack S says:

    From another link, let me get this straight – the best thing the Ralph team can put out thereis that they tied Cagle at a CHRISTIAN COALITION event and they’re bragging about it?


  4. Jack S says:

    Casey Cagle is simply blowing Ralph Reed out of the water. Oh yeah, Ralph and his vaunted grassroots, he’s such a brilliant strategist. Wow, he’s just amazing. He gets 100 people to show up at a Christian Coalition event.

    Apparently all that hype about Ralph’s “talent” is as much a fraud as everything else about Ralph Reed.

  5. Rusty says:

    Bull Moose,
    I’ll be happy to reprint your “proof isn’t enough” post on my site if it frustrates you that management here decided to take it down. I’ve got it saved from Bloglines. You can email me here.

  6. 4ofspades says:

    I do not have a dog in this hunt. Take out the numbers of signs and people both Casey and Ralph turned out. Ralph laided out his agenda and what he was going to do very clearly. Casey let everyone know he’s been in the Senate for 11 years, and had a few specific things he discussed.

    If anything I lean to Casey, but Ralph won yesterday.

  7. Jim M. says:

    Casey Cagle and his Army of Misfit Toys suffered another crushing defeat at the hands of Ralph Reed. Even his own supporters admit it. I feel sorry for Cagle. Joel McElhannon and the other Reed Rejects have talked him into doing something he has no business doing.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, I must take objection with Ralph Reed’s “guilty by association” defense of his actions. Denial, obviously isn’t just a river in Egypt…

    That is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard in my life. He must have convinced himself that he was not involved in this mess. Anyone with common sense can clearly read the chain of emails between Ralph Reed and Jack Abramoff and draw their own conclusions about Ralph’s involvment.

  9. Maurice Atkinson says:

    “””Jim M. said, I feel sorry for Cagle. Joel McElhannon and the other Reed Rejects have talked him into doing something he has no business doing. “””

    And what would that be?

    Your venom is interesting.

    You’ve ridiculed people who have willingly put there name as an endorsement for Senator Cagle, but ironically, you hide behind a moniker.

  10. Jim M. says:

    Cagle has no business running for Lieutenant Governor. He is barely qualified for the Senate and not qualified to lead it. The Reed Rejects and Reed Haters have talked him into running against Ralph for Lieutenant Governor the same way they talked David Shafer into running against Ralph for State Republican Party Chairman. Cagle will suffer the same fate of defeat and obscurity.

  11. 4ofspades says:

    There were other candidates there besides CC & RR. The SOS forum was very interesting. Have to give Reddy a lot of credit for showing up.

    Handel did great it what was supposed to be a Stephens crowd. Wish I had a camera to take a picture of Katie’s face when Charile sadi Bill was going to have to answer for his ethics issues.

    The interesting thing I noticed was the Jamie Ayers is now working for Handel.

  12. landman says:

    A person who has 11 years experience in the Senate has no business running for Lt. Gov ,but a morally and ethically challenged LOBBYIST does?

    Ralph’s poor record of running campaigns will not stop here,McElhannon and company are going to bury you guys.

  13. Jim M. says:

    Ralph Reed is a man of great ability and integrity. The liberal news media has tried to ruin his reputation but without a basis in fact. Sadie Fields of the Christian Coaliton has accepted his explanations and there is no basis to question his morals or ethics. This is more mudsling by the Cagle team because they have nothing positive to say about their candidate.

    Casey Cagle is a man of limited ability. Yes, he has good attendance, but no, he has not passed the test. His campaign team is made up of Reed Rejects and Reed Haters. They have never succeeded before and they will not succeed now.

    Reed engineered the election of Sonny Perdue as Governor, as well as the Republican takeover of the Senate. There is very little gratitude shown to him for this achievement. That says less about him than it does about the ungrateful. The same is true for the way Bill Stephens is being mistreated by the Governor and his young flunkies.

  14. Jack S says:

    It is a well known fact that as Chairman Ralph directed every resource he could to help Saxby and not Sonny. And Sonny returned that favor by showing Ralph the door as soon as he was elected.

    And Jim, you’re truly delusional if you think that becuase Sadie Fields accepts someone’s Clintonesque “apology” that the voters of this state are going to overlook his hypocrisy and lies.

    who cares what they think?!

  15. Jack S says:

    And one other point to all the Reed-Clinton apologists out there.

    Reed’s “apology” is a carefully crafted art of lawyering. he never says what he did was wrong. He never admits that he knew the truth the whole time. He never admits that it was actually Reed who approached Abramoff asking for help to “hump some corporate clients”, not the other way around. In true Clinton form, Ralph lies in his apology!

    And finally, Ralph still has not apologized for lying to you, Jim, and everybody else in this state for lying for the last year about this whole thing.

    He has intentionally lied and mislead voters since entering this race and didn’t own up to any of it until Abramoff copped a plea deal.

    Ralph Reed is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and to all Christians who are engaged in the political process. He should be run out of our Party and our state.

  16. landman says:

    Who cares what Sadie Fields,Kay Godwin or their like accept as an excuse for RR’s uncontrollable GREED.Jim I dont know of who you speak when you espouse verbage of integrety,and leadership in the same context with Ralph Reed.He is simply a FRAUD AND THE VOTERS WILL RECOGNIZE HIM FOR THIS IN jULY.

  17. Brian from Ellijay says:


    So we should just “disregard all the grassroots ploys” when the king of grassroots himself–Ralph–can not win.

    Message is very important, but it is well known that Ralph is a public speaker and put head on head, it is not surprising that Ralph comes out on top. Individually, it is much different. On TV it will be much different.

    Everyone went into that event knowing exactly who they would vote for, hence only one Democrat showed. If Casey had had that same approached, he would have lost.

    Casey did not have to win, to win. He just had to show up bigger, better, and with more grassroots–which he was successful. Casey won by tieing.

  18. kspencer says:

    If this is true
    (Reed’s organization offered to cover the cost of entry for all supporters, and to cover hotel cost for out-of-towners),

    Then Reed did even worse than above posters are claiming.

    I mean, one side’s supporters had to pay nothing while the other (allegedly) had to pony up their own $20 entrance fee plus hotel costs, and the ones that paid had more attendees?

    Ralph Reed isn’t out yet, but he’s severely behind.


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