The latest Zogby poll is out and it shows the following:

Perdue – 51%
Cox – 39%

Perdue – 57%
Taylor – 35%

Good for Sonny and bad for Mark. But, why does everyone from both parties treat Zogby very credibly? Show me a Mason-Dixon or Rasmussen Poll.

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  1. Tommy_a2b says:

    I do not personally know many Republicans that take Zogby as credible unless the poll benefits them. As soon as Democrats start spending money on attack ads I would bet Perdue goes down to 40’s% for both candidates. The question to ask is when will they start the attack ads and what happens between now and then. Maybe Perdue will try some state wide amnesty program for illegals. LOL

  2. schleyguy says:

    Two things: Isn’t this part of Zogby’s internet polling he does for the WSJ. Amusing I suppose but also not yet proven to be scientificaly sound.

    The other thing I’d like to compare these head to head numbers against is approval rating and name id. I think close to 100% of voting Georgians have at least heard of Sonny Perdue and I’d bet 95% have an opinion of him.

    There is no way Taylor or Cox have that kind of name ID at this point. Because of her SOS advocacy on investment fraud, her name ID is probably higher than Taylor’s. What is interesting is that by the end of the campaign, 100% of Georgians will know who either one of them is (depending on who wins the primary).

    If 80% of Georgians now know who Cathy Cox is and 39% (39/80 = 49%) of them are ready to vote for her, that tells me that she would have a lot of upside in a general election. Same for Taylor if 70% of Georgians know him (35/70 = 50%).

    It has been proven that when a pollster asks about two candidates and respondents only know one candidate, they are likely to pick the candidate they know even if he is a from the other party than them. So that always hurts candidates that aren’t as well known as the other one.

    I would like to see a real poll of Georgia done where they publish crosstabs and ask three questions: Perdue vs “the Democrat” (that takes care of a lot of the name id problem) and then the other two head to heads. Maybe Peach Pundit can raise some money and hire Survey USA to do this?

  3. HeartofGa says:

    As a Cox supporter, I’m pretty happy with these numbers- especially with session just starting and the campaign not really yet underway. For Cathy, this looks better than the #’s in the AJC poll.

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