Moving Forward on Takings

The Republicans in the legislature are moving forward on slowing takings.

A moratorium on government’s power to seize private land cleared another hurdle Thursday, passing a key Senate committee by unanimous vote.

The proposal would block local governments for 120 days from using eminent domain powers to seize land for any purpose aside from building public roads and government buildings. A similar proposal breezed through a House committee last week.

Sen. Jeff Chapman, R-Brunswick, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the moratorium would give lawmakers a chance to impose other restrictions on eminent domain powers.

One idea that emerged this week from House leaders: Set up an independent committee with power to rule when a local government tries to use eminent domain powers to take land.


  1. schleyguy says:

    Leave it to Republicans to study the wisdom of John Kerry before formulating their position on eminent domain:

    They actually voted for eminent domain before they voted against it!

  2. dreaded_scarum says:

    It seems that the members in the house and the governers office have a problem with protecting private property from being seized by government and given to another private individual . I belive that the governer has had Senator Chapmans moratorium stalled. The senate has it right , but the house and governer are spending too much time trying to find or create loopholes for property seizure. Go read SB 86 and see for yourself how well it protects private property , they all should be lining up behind it , but alas they are not. One can only conlcude that you have some in the Governers office and house of reps that are still scheming to steal property.

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