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Casey Cagle sent out a release today that a number of people who were listed as Reed for Lt. Governor Steering Committee members are asking that their names be removed from the committee because they have decided to endorse Casey. The names are:

Maurice Atkinson (Macon), Bruce Garraway (Gwinnett), Stan Hall (Gwinnett), Christopher Harris (Gwinnett), Ron Johnson (Gwinnett), Josh Moore (Gwinnett), Clint Murphy (Savannah), Patrick Cork (Valdosta), and Nick Thompson (Gwinnett).

I find the release a bit disingenuous. Just searching our site you can find that Maurice Atkinson has been on board Cagle’s campaign since the middle of last year. Likewise, I know Clint Murphy and I know he’s been with Cagle the whole time. since May or June of last year.

This sounds like a manufactured press release more than anything else. Come one guys, you all can do better than that.

The Gwinnett guys apparently really are just now leaving Ralph. Perhaps just using their names would have been better. As it stands now, the bigger story seems to be poor list maintenance by Reed’s campaign. I know Maurice well (the guy who should be representing me in the Bibb County Commission) and I know he’s been with Cagle since at least June of last year.

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  1. Publicola says:

    Bruce Garraway was featured in an article last June saying he was wavering in his support of Reed. Garraway’s name was also listed in Cagle’s endorsment list in December. Garraway is a man searching for a winner to attach himself to, and Cagle should be wary of him.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 06/24/05

    Bruce Garraway is a Snellville city councilman, a U.S. history teacher at a Christian high school and an early supporter of Ralph Reed’s campaign for lieutenant governor of Georgia. But lately, Garraway has peeked at the Web site of Casey Cagle, Reed’s Republican primary opponent — just in case he needs to choose another candidate.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Yeah, umm, not true Erick, Clint Murphy dropped Reed not too long after the state convention and didn’t support Casey till closer to the fall…

  3. GAWire says:

    When Reed’s big announcement occurred back months ago, he was talking up his list of how many ever people – many of those people were later found to be unconfirmed, even a few that were blatantly supporting Ralph’s opponent.

    Either way, who would want their name attached to someone like Ralph Reed anyways? If he wins, his reputation isn’t going to be any better than it is now – as a matter of fact, it will continue to decline, b/c he will ALWAYS be associated with the Abramoff scandal. As long as that is around, he will not be in good shape.

    Furthermore, not to harp on a redundant subject, but if Reed loses, he is DONE – that’s spelled D-O-N-E! No one is going to hire a lobbyst or consultant associated to Abramoff, much less one of his inner circle CR buddies. Alexander Strategy Group – a powerhouse firm – is shutting its doors b/c of extensive association to Casino Jack, and let me tell ya … Ralph worked a lot closer to Abramoff than Ed Buckham did, or so I’ve heard.

    For others associated with Reed – well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be one of Reed’s inner circle folks the day after Primary Election Day. Typically you can start over in politics, but who really wants to go looking for a job with that on your list of “accomplishments”?

  4. GAWire says:

    More to the point (b/c I just read my previous post and all it is is a rant about Reed, with obvious and redundant points), why wouldn’t the Cagle campaign capitalize on such a situation? I wouldn’t be just issuing a release on this – I would be spinning this every which way … “Reed supporters coming over to Cagle camp every day”-type stuff.

    Now that Abramoff has plead guilty, the story has died down somewhat. While it will come back up again as soon as something else breaks, we should expect Reed’s opposition to continue attempting to keep this a front page story, at least for voters that care and might continue to leave the Reed campaign. As soon as Reed supporters really catch on, and realize that their invested interest in supporting Reed is outweighed by the likely damage that will come from keeping that support, I think you will see more of this happening, and everytime it does, Cagle’s people better use it to their advantage.

    I would put a little ticker on the website, or whatever one that was done by Cagle that counts the Reed supports coming over to the Cagle camp. While Reed supporters are talking about Ralph playing guerrilla warfare in his PJ’s with his “awesome grassroots abilities” – Team Cagle ’06 is showing Ralph what statewide politics in GA is really about.

  5. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Erick, actually it was November when I decided to jump. I had interesting conversation with Jim Metrock that pretty much seemed to confirm my suspicions. Prior, I was not going to get involved.

    I am really disturbed with how he conducts business; his use of entities. Maybe this is how most of the political operatives do it, I don’t know. But for me it seems a bit disingenuous and not quite the honest thing to do. According to Metrock, Reed set up an entity to go after Senator Richard Shelby because the senator was going to conduct an inquiry into Channel One (Reed’s client). Ralph hired a man from Mississippi, bought advertising on Christian radio and sent out post cards to CC members asking them to “tell Senator Shelby to stop promoting drugs to kids”. Metrock said Ralph denied any involvement until the money trail led to his doorstep. Only then did he take credit for the ambush. Senator Shelby was livid.

    What’s interesting, Reed worked for Shelby the prior year!! It was only about money.

    Many have said Ralph simply worked effectively for his clients. Yeah he did, but it is the manipulation of truth that really bothers me.

    Also, Reed’s only venture with Abramoff was not the casino business it was numerous things, Channel One included.

  6. Erick says:

    Okay, my bad. Let me clarify. I was browsing our archives and saw that Clint was definitively out of the Reed campaign about mid-June and Maurice was questing Reed’s integrity at about the same time, but was hoping for Cain to enter and did not officially start taking Cagle’s side until October or November.

    But, my point remains. This is old news. The press release was poorly written. Apparently, several of those guys are elected officials, which is huge news. But, that they threw in Maurice and Clint, who were, at best, several months ago off the Reed train, and did not list that the other guys were all elected, really distracts from what would otherwise be a very good press release.

  7. Hortence says:

    Say what you want about the press release, who was included, who was not included, etc… the trend is clear and that is that people are abandoning Ralph Reed every day… They are turning to Casey Cagle. Whether they are elected, appointed, or just good citizens, the trend is clear…

    At this point, anyone worth their salt and with a bit of common sense would withdrawl their support from Ralph Reed or risk losing credibility within their communities…

  8. Jim M. says:

    I must agree with Erick on this one. The Cagle team has once again shown that they do not have what it takes to win statewide. The press release was bad strategy and bad tactics. It only shows that so many people are clamoring to join the Reed team that the Reed volunteers are having a hard time keeping the lists current. Everyone of any significance has accepted Ralph’s explanations. Nine steering committee members switching sides is not a big deal, especially when they are nine people that no one has ever heard of.

  9. landman says:

    Erick,I find it amazing that you find this disingenious yet you and the other Ralph stargazers seem to have no problem with lying,defrauding and using religion as a shield to shakedown native Americans.How hypocritical can one be!!!

    It might be wise to give your guy the same fine tooth critique on the canned disingenious lie he uses every time he is asked about his FRAUDULANT past.Of course that would require some objectivity on your part.

  10. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Spades, you must not have been at the same event I was at…The event I was at was about even.

    Cagle beat Ralph in Signs.

    Cagle beat Ralph in volunteers..over a 100

    Ralph had a slight edge in the forum, but it was pretty even: 55-45, Ralph.

    You call that a win for Ralph? This was the Christian Coalition event, Ralph should have had this in his sleep. Not hardly half at full speed with paid volunteers.

  11. Erick says:

    Landman, amazing. The Ralph guys beat me up for having so much coverage of Casey on here and I dare criticize one thing and all of a sudden I’m a “Ralph stargazer.” So much for your own objectivity.

  12. Hortence says:

    Jim M. you must be deaf, dumb, and blind to think that people are clamoring to join the Reed campaign. I don’t know a sane person that can read the paper, watch the news, or listen to the radio that thinks Ralph Reed has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this race.

    If anything, Ralph Reed is a few months away from being indicted himself in this mess of corruption.

    Your hypocricy is startling. If this were a Democrat candidate running for office, you and others like you would be salivating in attacking him and mocking all of his supporters. Yet, because he’s Ralph Reed, you throw your self on the floor for him.

    I would say mine and others like me are so outraged by Ralph’s half truths because of the high ethical and moral bar that Ralph set for himself and for others who are engaged in the political process.

  13. Jim M. says:

    Erick Erickson is no friend of Ralph Reed, and I do not often agree with him. But he is right about the lameness of the Cagle team. The press release was a rookie mistake. Clint Murphy and Maurice Atkinson are old news, as anyone who has visited this site surely must know. Like their seven comrades, they are NOBODIES who are best known for betraying an icon of the Republican party and conservative movement. The same can be said for Cagle’s staff.

    Even “Spades” and “Ellijay” admit that Cagle was outclassed today in the candidate forum. Every time he speaks, Reed wins dozens of new volunteers. Every time he speaks with Cagle, he wins hundreds. Reed’s steering committee continues to grow, but Cagle has the support of Maurice Atkinson, Clint Murphy and Bruce Garraway. Who do you think will be the next Lieutenant Governor?

  14. Jack S says:

    Ralph Reed, becuase of good old fashioned greed, has sold out those who believed in him and embarrassed the entire Republican Party.

    the only thing more embarrassing for Republicans are fools like Jim here who blindly follow Ralph wherever he leads them.

    it’s ridiculous. they’re entire campaign is falling apart so the outrageous claims of how great things are going for ralph get more shrill.

    Grow up Jim. Learn to think for yourself and get over the fact that your idol is a fraud and a loser.

  15. Hortence says:

    Jim M., you speak like a model Reed supporter — attack everyone involved and try and make the issue about everything EXCEPT your candidates own ethical shortcomings. Did they give you talking points or something to attack these people?

    This issue is Ralph Reed, not the people abandoning his campaign or the reasons for doing so. Defend that without attacking others. Defend your candidate without degrading other committed political volunteers.

  16. landman says:

    Jim-let me get this right,RR sends buses all over the free world,pays hotel rooms,proviides dinner at Ruth Chris and he cant beat CC at a Christian Coalition event?This is not a win or a tie,this is sign of what is going to happen to RR in July.He will be buried and so it should be.

  17. Erick says:

    Uh, Jim — thanks for the defense, but Maurice and Clint are not nobodies. They are actually active in the GOP and are dedicated to getting the GOP moving forward. Disagreeing with them is no reason to consider them nobodies.

  18. John Konop says:

    Landman is right. The real story is how the CC membership is waking up to Ralph And Sadie selling out to the money machine – leaving the members behind. Sadie refused to let me speak as a Republican challanger to Tom Price.

  19. 4ofspades says:

    Brian – I don’t have a dog in this hurt. You did a nice job getting signs and volunteers there for Casey. My comment is based on the actual forum content and messaging itself. Ralph laided out his agenda and what he was going to do very clearly. Casey let everyone know he’s been in the Senate for 11 years, and had a few specific things he discussed.

  20. landman says:

    Erick-ok refresh my memory, when have you gone on the record and called out Reeds people for the constant lying and not owning up to the fact that Reed did in fact profit from his many questionable dealings with Casino Jack.His apologies are only lame attempts at laying everything at Abramoff’s feet.He knew exactly what he was doing and it is disingenous of his team not to come clean with it.The only people that accept these hypocritical excuses are the narrow thinking people like Kay Godwin and Sadie Fields and their ever decreasing following.

    Jim M.- these nobodies you speak so ignorant of are the type of people that are going to give Roulette Ralph a reality check in July.Oh by the way,the only true Republican icon whose initials were RR was Ronald Reagan not Roulette Ralph.

  21. Jim M. says:

    Erick has never been a friend of Ralph Reed, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the Cagle attacks are designed to make him look like an honest broker.

    Like Casey Cagle campaign headquarters, this discussion board is populated ex-Reed staffers who vent at Reed to avoid confronting their own shortcomings. Joel McElhannon worked for Reed, but his fawning was no substitute for performance. He just could not cut the mustard.

    I will give you that Reed does not suffer fools gladly and could have let his Rejects down more lightly, but in the end, he has nothing to worry about from Cagle, McElhannon and their Army of Misfit Toys.

  22. Hortence says:

    Good night I’ve never seen anyone so committed to Ralph Reed in my life like you Jim M. My word, you must be on the payroll or something, this is amazing.

    You know, the man who built the Titanic swore that it would never sink. Guess what, the Titanic sits at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic sank and so is Ralph Reed’s campaign, reputation, and support from real Georgia Republican voters.

  23. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Jim M,,,, I love being a nobody. It took a lot of nobodys to build your house, car, computer etc. etc….

    Does Jim M, have a name or is he embarrassed of his demeaning rhetoric?

    I have little respect for someone who can ridicule someone but does not have the cahunas to stand behind his words.

  24. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Jim M, your theology is incorrect. However, your demeaning posts do nothing but show what a thorough and total idiot you are. Good thing you hide behind a moniker. In other words, you are a spineless coward.

  25. 4ofspades says:

    John Konop – Did you notice the only forums were State Wide candidates? Sadie did allow other elected officals to speak

  26. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Wow, Jim, WOW.

    Thats all I can say. One warning Jim…I thought I was anonymous on here to. Saturday I found out different. Apparently these “idiots” and “nobodies” on this site (mainly staffers) are actually pretty smart:). BTW, I am not a staffer and I do not take any credit for getting volunteers their on Saturday Landman (I did bring 5 friends, but that is nothin compared to the 100). That was all Russel Carlson.

    Back to Jim. Ever heard the statement “Keep your friends close, but enemies closer” My biggest fear is not of my enemies but of my friends. They know the most about me, and in Ralphs case trained by him.

    Final Question Jim.

    How many races has Ralph Reed or Century Strageties won since creation to their losses?

    Joel McElhannon won all but one race in 04, yep he is a “misfit” and “fool.” I sure wouldnt want that kind of record to run my campaign. See every freshman Senator for references. For Ralph, see Mitch Scandolakis, David Ralston, and Guy Millner.

  27. Brian from Ellijay says:

    BTW, I did not mean that David or Guy used Reeds services, but that they suffered from the results of them. And David is a personal friend. So I do not say this lightly.

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