Governor Perdue Calls Immigration Proposal “Hypocracy”

Governor Perdue made it clear on Tuesday that he believes that certain efforts by the legislature to crack down on illegal immigrants are hypocritical.    He also said that he supports a guest worker program by the federal government. 

Specifically, Perdue had this to say:   

Perdue said “there’s been a certain degree of hypocrisy


  1. landman says:

    The Governor makes a very good point and one that takes some guts to make in a public forum.This is one of those issues that people are so quick to pile on and grandstand with.

    If it were possible to do a study on the effects to our national economy of sending every undocumented illegal immigrant back to their country of origin the results would be interesting to say the least.You would see an economy in such a down spiral that would rival the depression era of the 1930’s.

    The Construction,Agriculture ,and Hospitality industries would crash,not to mention the many secondary services this labor source furnishes.

  2. Tommy_a2b says:

    What a great Gov we have!! Hopefully when Casey or Ralph become Gov (let the comments begin) they will support the people and not a bunch of farmers worried about their crops. Not that I am not worried about AG but I will be glad to pay a little extra for food to make sure my tax dollars are not wasted and that my daughter is not forced to learn Spanish in order to live here. Keep in mind my Grandfather immigrated here from Spain and refused to speak Spanish in his house hold because he wanted to be American. This is why my father only learned to speak English and has learned to speaks about 4 words of Spanish. I think this qualifies me to have a say.

  3. Melb says:

    There are many American citizens who speak Spanish and it is nothing to be ashamed of and doesn’t make anyone less of an American. Most people are proud if they can conquer more than one language. Nothing against your grandpa, but that is a little silly.

  4. Erick says:

    I don’t have a problem at all with immigration. But I do have a problem when the first step you take into this country is breaking the law. Illegal immigration needs some cracking down on.

    If we need cheap labor because the economy will otherwise go in the tank, scrap the minimum wage law and let the market determine the wage.

  5. Decaturguy says:

    “Illegal immigration needs some cracking down on.”

    Then you need to be looking for someone other than Sonny Perdue to be your Governor.

  6. Erick says:

    I’m going to be interested to see what this does to Sonny and the base. The GOP is about to have a serious internal fight over this issue and the majority of the base seems more and more at odds with the majority of the establishment.

  7. John Konop says:

    The Governor wants to grow the number of illegal workers to help Georgia stay competitive with $.50 per hour Chinese labor. The Governor and Rep. Tom Price’s plan is called a race-to-the-bottom. Competing with the 20 million illegals with no health insurance is driving up the number of uninsured Americans to over 42 million. Meanwhile, the shrinking group of us with health care are facing insurance costs rising faster than wages. Since the early 90’s the savings rate for American family went from 11 % to negative 1%. We are sending our so much of our currency to countries like China (who turns around and buys American assets) that Billionaire Warren Buffet recently issued a warning that we are heading toward foreigners owning $15 trillion of Ameican assets, greater than the total value of the American Stock market. Why not try protecting our borders, vigorously enforcing our current trade agreements, and negotiating better ones in the future?

  8. landman says:

    Erick,I also am against illegal immigration and it does need addressing but it is not as simple as some make it out to be.I believe this is the point that the Governor was making.

    The issue is not one of labor wage rate but rather one of labor supply.It does’nt matter what the wage rate is if you dont have the labor to meet the demand on a Macro scale.The economy would simply have a meltdown.The effects would be far more reaching than just the Ag sector.

    I also agree with you that there is differing opinions within our party ,but I think we will work through it and dont think it will fragment the party on a state or national level.

  9. macongop says:

    Its time to stop letting illegals cross the borders, North and South. When the laws about hiring illegals is enforced and the owners/businesses prosecuted for have them working for them, they will start to pay a living wage and other people will start to work those jobs. If it is going to cost more for my apples and lettuce then so be it. I live by the law and everybody else should too. There is a legal process to get to this country that everybody else that can not walk across the border has to follow. Lets enforce the law!

  10. kspencer says:

    I’ll point out that the extremely large hispanic population in Whitfield/Gordon/Murray counties is not there for agriculture. It’s there for the carpet mills, with starting pay around $12 per hour (and a typical opportunity for 10 hours of overtime). The opportunities for those wages have been there for 15+ years. But unlike a lot of natives, the hispanic population was willing to relocate to get them. I’m also going to point out that the majority of the workers are here LEGALLY. If they weren’t the turnover would be a lot higher. (note, majority is not all.)

    It’s a complex issue. And step one to coping has to be getting rid of preconceptions. Such as, “if they’re here working illegally they’re stealing from the public trough”. If they’re on the books the company’s paying the taxes for them. If they’re illegals they can’t collect a lot of the things for which those taxes are paying. In fact if I were being simple about it I’d say the fact they’re doing this is a good thing as it’s more money in the trough for those of us here legally. I’d be just as wrong to keep it that simple as there ARE services that are overburdened by it. But it is a point.

  11. HeartofGa says:

    I am pleased to hear that the Republicans are about to have an internal fight- you guys are sounding more and more like us dems! I think that Sonny took a real risk on this one. Let’s see if he has the political capitol to get the choir to follow the leader. Also, is this an indication of his passion on the issue or his concern about the rural vote? Just asking.

  12. John Konop says:

    If you are right that we have a labor shortage, then why are wages going down ? That is a strange new twist on supply and demand. Both paries are selling off America brick by brick. By the way Waren Buffet pointed out the decline in wages in his warning statement.

  13. schleyguy says:

    If I had to guess, I would say that the Chamber of Commerce is telling Sonny to lay low on the issue because they feel they are still in the running for the FTAA deal. That’s fine, and we do have a shot at getting it. If we don’t get it, then it will be interesting to see what Sonny does next.

  14. landman says:

    John,I did not say we have a labor shortage,I said if we sent the immigrant work force packing back to their countries we would.You are not being realistic if you think otherwise.

    I strongly believe we need to address the issue,but the solution will require much more thought than catchy one liner sound bites proffered up to pander to a voting block,Republican or Democrat.

  15. John Konop says:

    The core reason behind Congress’ current trade and immigration policy is to get cheap labor for short term profits for large corporations. I am not saying that we do not need immigration, but it can not be a tool to kill benifits and wages. The facts are that H1B visa holders , which are legal immigrants, make 13k less per year than American workers doing the same job. The facts are that in a study in North Carolina, builders saved billions of dollars on labor costs by hiring illegal immigrants while shifting the cost of healthcare, schools ……. on tax payers.

    The real issue is that Congressmen like John Lewis and Tom Price, both voted not to crack down on China WTO violations of child slave labor and theft of I.P. technology 90 % of the time. The theft alone would more than cover our current 200 billion dollar trade gap with China.

    Republican Rep. Charlie Norwood made it clear that this is not a party issue but a pay for policy system destroying America. Bringing in illegal and legal immigrants to compete with China’s slave labor is a race to the bottom.

    As for solutions, why not enforce current trade deals ? Why not require immigrants to have health insurance and pay taxes ? Why not control immigration so it does not kill the middle class ? Why not know who is in our country for National security ? Why not set up a tracking system for immigrants using the credit card network system ?

    My point is simple, many in both parties are representing the big money interests !!!!! In system where Congressmen raise millions of dollars to campaign, buying of policy is predictable. Former Republican Walker from PA. said it best when he stated that Congress spends more time raising money then representing their district.

  16. buzzbrockway says:

    Adding fuel to the fire is the left-leaning Georgia Budget and Policy Institute which issued a report claiming that:

    the average illegal immigrant family in Georgia pays $2,340 to $2,470 in state and local sales, income and property taxes combined. For those who did not file a federal income tax return, the contribution drops to about $1,800 a year.

    Senator Chip Rogers responded:

    “I am aware of no other illegal activity that we will readily excuse because of suspect hypothetical profits for the government,” Rogers said.

  17. schleyguy says:

    Why don’t we pass national healthcare but do it like welfare reform. If you work (or have worked) and you are a legal citizen, you and your family receive free healthcare.

    It would instantly make legal citizens more competitive with illegals, and small businesses more competitive with Walmarts. Right now a homebuilder might say I can pay $10/hour for labor to build a house. An illegal immigrant gets free healthcare (but probably only goes to the emergency room) so to him it is $10. A legal citizen looks at the $10 and sees more taxes taken out and then he also has to provide healthcare coverage to his family.

    That $10 becomes closer to $7. So it is impossible for legal citizens to compete in the current environment. The best part about it is conservatives get something they want (action on illegals) and liberals get something they want (more healthcare for Americans).

  18. John Konop says:

    Has anyone ever seen a financial forecast from the Governor (or Rep. Price or Rep. Lewis) regarding the cost/benefit of employing low-wage illegal and legal immigrants? You won’t because there is NO WAY the very small amount of taxes they pay covers their costs.

    The cost of educating a child is $10k.

    The cost of health insurance per family $10k.

    American wages are declining.

    And this isn’t even taking into account the increased infastructure costs.

    How does this math work? Like this: while you are stuck in traffic worried about your child in an over-crowded, under-performing school, your health insurance bill is growing faster than your pay.

    What am I missing?

  19. kspencer says:


    Part of what you’re missing is that it’s not all the fault of the illegal/legal immigrants. Consider for a moment that while (real) wages are declining, corporate profits have been increasing by leaps and bounds. If (using Schleyguy’s example) the company pays $10 regardless, then who gets the money should be having no impact on the profit line.

    Replace Juan with Joe and the wages are still declining.


  20. John Konop says:

    Kspencer: The race to the bottom occurs when one employer hires an illegal immigrant, thus forcing other (well-intentioned) companies to do the same to stay competeive. The same goes for taking advantage of cheap labor via work visas.

    I do not blame the immigrant who does not want to work in Mexico in a $.50 cent per hour sweat shop. (The crazy part is U.S. tax dollars are used to build the overseas sweatshop.)

    We were promised by Bush 1 and Clinton that, if we passed NAFTA, we would get the following:

    1) U.S. trade surpluses (we got record trade deficits)
    2) Decreased illegal immigration (our illegal population is 20 mil and growing)
    3) Increased wages and benefits for U.S. and Mexico (wages/benefits have gone backwords in both countries)

    Also, NAFTA allows the replacement of American workers with cheaper visa worker in almost every profession category (and it’s rules are easy to work around).

    By the way, Rep. Tom Price wants to double the amount of H1B visas (typically issued to tech workers) while 1 million I.T. workers are looking for jobs.

    So what did Congress do? They passed CAFTA. The sign of insanity is doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result…

  21. dking says:

    we are losing our rule of law, our sovereignty and our common language while we watch people worry about saving their political party, their candidate and their cheap chicken nuggetts.

    For those of us who can remeber way back to 1990 when Americans and real legal immigrants could earn a living wage in Georgia, this entire string is disheartning.

    There is no sch animal as cheap labor… it is taxpayer subsidized labor.

    The governor and his present opponents are firmly in the pockets of the illegal alien lobby that demands continued access to that taxpayer supported labor.

    Zogby poll says 80% of voters [ one must assume that includes a lot of Dems?] want something done about illegal immigration on the state level.

    What we need is someone with the courage to enforce existing law…how radical. We also need people with the courage to support that someone.

    Employing, assisting, transporting, sheltering or encouraging an illegal alien to remain in the U.S. are all felonies. [ Google USC 8 1324]

    Chaep labor indeed.

    Adios rule of law…. we trade you for bargains on onions and landscaping. Please don’t tell our grandfathers.
    dak marietta

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