Re: Cecil Staton, et al

One of the advantages of owning the place is that I get to put my comments on the front page ;).

As most of you know, Cecil Staton is a good friend of mine and I managed his campaign in 2004. What the Democrats are trying to do to Eric Johnson, Cecil Staton, etc. on this property rights legislation is a mischaracterization of a very complicated issue. And, we should remember that nationally more Democrats supported the Kelo decision than Republicans. In fact, both here in Georgia and in other states, see e.g. Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN), the Kelo decision from which this fear arises was seen as a force for good among a number of Demcrats (and yes, even some Republicans).

The fact of the matter is that while some people are trying to scare the little guy over this piece of legislation, it is a good thing. Georgia is at a competitive disadvantage compared to its neighbors over community development districts and other development issues. But, the legislation to make Georgia competitive is rather complex. I know. As a lawyer, I was approached about the issue and began researching it before leaving private practice. I can accept that a provision that would give private developers some sort of eminent domain power was a drafting error. It happens.

But, the committee process appears to be working and the drafting errors are being weeded out. Overall the legislation is good and helpful to the state of Georgia.


  1. kspencer says:

    On the other hand…

    All sides made big hay of Kelo, which puts anyone that appears to be supporting Kelo in a bad starting position.

    I’ve not read the plan. And I support the basic idea of emminent domain WHEN NECESSARY. But given this is an election year, unless the plan is a powerful good sell it’s probably not a good thing to have one’s name attached to right now.


  2. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Sen Staton is a hard working, energetic member of the state Senate. The democraps will latch on to any issue they think there is any milage in, regardless of how trivial. Their allies in the non main stream media are willing accomplises who trumpet their message of doom and gloom.

    Hang in there Sen Staton, you are doing a great job or the leftwingers in human and print form wouldnt be after you.

  3. Chris says:


    The legislators of both parties are engaged in one of the highest stake games imaginable. Their actions decide who will achieve their American Dream, who will go to jail for an action who will get a decent education and who will languish in our failed public school system.

    Allowing an error like this in a bill that he wants to become law is, in my currently non-legal opinion, negligence on the part of Sen. Stanton and his co-sponsors.

    It would be nice if our elected officials would acknowledge this, and not just say “oops”.

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