Eminent domain Commission?

Rep. Wendell Willard is looking into the idea of creating a Commission that would have final say on land seizures:

The commission would have between three to five people, appointed by the governor and legislative leaders. It would hold open meetings and would likely convene where the local government meets, Willard said.

Perdue said Tuesday any legislation he backs must seek “to get the balance of eminent domain corrected.”

His spokeswoman, Heather Hedrick, said the governor would not comment on whether he supported creating a commission to oversee eminent domain attempts until the bill has been introduced.

At first glance I don’t like this idea. It certainly takes power away from cities and counties, which could curb the use of eminent domain, but it’s easier to hold my City Councilman accountable than an unelected commissioner in Atlanta.


  1. landman says:

    Buzz,I agree with you,I do not think creating another Bureacratic body solves anything.Rather I think the proper course to follow is for everyone to just step back and take a deep breath before pushing a large amount of Eminent Domain legislation.

    We all must remember that not all condemnation procedures are wrong, in fact some are not only the prudent thing to do ,but also are much needed.In the wake of the Kelo decision it seems everyone wants to line up to submit some sort of bill that addresses this issue.I think the Kelo decision was wrong as well as the Effingham case ,but I think it is a local issue and best dealt with by local elected officials.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Creating a commission full of appointees from the Governor’s office and the Legislature just opens-up the process for more under-the-table deals to be made. And, I’m not necessarily talking smack about the current Governor or Legislature, but we’ve got enough “commissions” in this state that are all about politics in their operations and influence.

  3. dreaded_scarum says:

    This idea of a commissioin is simply an attempt to do an end run around ( R ) Senator Chapmans Bill SB 86 and leave open the ability to take private property and give it to a private developer, using Eminent Domain. In fact, what it does is limit the ability to the well connected good ole boys making it even more lucrative for them. All county and city governments have tools in place to deal with ” Blighted ” propertys. Anyone that wants to use eminent Domain for economic development already knows this . They try to cloud the issue with ” blighted property ” retoric to make it more acceptable. Just research the codes of your community and you will find the tools in place to deal with blighted property. Those tools might have to be tweaked and stream lined in places, but its no excuse to legalize the taking of another persons private property for economic development for the sole purpose of expanding the tax base. Go read SB 86 and you will see a fine piece of law that does not limit the government s ablility to get true public projects done , but does limit the taking of private property to give to another private interest. Just say NO to Eminent Domain for the sole purpose of expanding the tax base. Its the only way to ensure YOUR private property rights . SUPPORT SB 86.

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