Cathy’s Plan


Secretary of State Cathy Cox on Tuesday announced a broad government reform proposal, her first major policy initiative in the race for governor and a clear sign that she plans to make ethics a centerpiece of her campaign.

Cox took aim at the Perdue administration for ethical lapses and favors to political allies.

She noted that Perdue had ousted the state’s top nonpartisan ethical watchdog and had to repay $18,000 for campaign law violations.

“We deserve a government that works to create opportunities for all Georgians, not just the insiders,


  1. Melb says:

    Cathy must have forgot that she has to win the primary before she can pass any legislation.

    Cathy Cox just voted on the election’s board the tying vote for the state taxpayers to pay 2 million dollars to defend the voter ID bill. It was a 2-2 split and she voted in favor. As a Democrat, this is a shock and it is going to shock her campaign. Democrats feel very strongly about the Voter ID bill and for her to fund it after she said she was against it is a slap in the face to all the Democrats in the House and Senate and Congress that have been working to defeat this bill. There is no defense to this, unless you are a Republican.

    Today Mark Taylor has won the primary.

  2. HeartofGa says:

    Cathy’s vote is a vote to pay our bills. It speaks to her commitment to choose responsible governing over partisanship when the two are mutually exclusive.

    She is opposed to the ID Law, has said so frequently. I expect to hear her say so when she goes to the legislture for funding.

    Just the other day, you said, Mel, that she had no agenda. Then, the next day, she publishes a detailed position paper. Now you don’t want her to legislate. I’m confused.

    And where was Taylor’s reposnse to this? Where is his outrage? If this is the turning point of the campaign, and the issue is crystal clear, then where is his voice? Has he had anything to say yet?

  3. Melb says:

    The story came out about 2 hours ago, I believe he will have a position. My problem isn’t about Cathy’s ethics agenda, it is that she has decided to support – financially – the voter ID bill. You can give all the excuses you want but the vote is there in black and white and for all those question marks about what she supports there isn’t one for the voter Id. To me, that is huge, and to a lot of other Dems it is huge too. She had the opportunity to stop wasting tax payer money on the voter ID bill and she didn’t. When I think of all the fighting, walkouts, rallies, debating, and boycotting that Democrats have done, and then this. If this is how she fights battles for Democrats then we don’t need her. I am very very very upset about this, my anger doesn’t stem from liking Taylor, this is a bunch of crap and a slap in the face. At this point I am so pissed off I wouldn’t even vote for Cathy if she was running for any other office, ever! She wants to vote like a Republican then tell her to get in the primary with Sonny. And don’t even play like you are not shocked by this vote, anyone who has fought against the voter ID bill should be and I’ve been talking with Cathy supporters already and they are shocked and they don’t plan on voting for her anymore and who would, this is such a big issue for Democrats and she has crossed the line.

  4. Franklin RD says:

    Oh, Taylor’s already made his position clear. The response from Taylor’s campaign was “She is out telling blacks she opposes the law then casts the deciding vote to continue the lawsuit. That vote will hurt her with blacks who make up 50 percent of the primary vote.”

    So, let’s see. The statement’s a lie. But even worse, “Out telling blacks?” What is this, 1950?

  5. stephaniemills21 says:

    The vote was not to pay the bills, but for appropriations NEXT year. The elections board already spent like 200K on the lawsuit and needs another 300K till the end of the year. This is just for the elections board. Not the Attorney General or any of that Jazz. So, the elections board had a 200K bill for legal defense, and the rest was for future bills that would not have happened if the State Elections Board would drop the suit. Hell, even Randy Evans, who pushed the board to join the suit, said it was too much money. Also, this was not a vote about partisanship. She voted against the wishes of the republican attack dog on the board and former head of the state GOP, Randy Evans.

    Also, a “detailed position paper”???? Come on. What detail are you talking about. Any one of us on here could have written what she put out in a half an hour. No plan on how to implement. No specifics. Get real.

    What this makes me wonder about is what is Cathy’s real plan here. First, she did not come out against Voter ID at the beginning. It was only after dem legislators and other prominent dems (MT included) started creating a ruckus that she took notice. Then this. I wonder who’s votes she really wants.

  6. Melb says:

    Franklin, what is a lie about the statement? She told everyone she is against this bill and then voted for it, sounds pretty cut and dry if you ask me. Did Taylor tell you that personally, I doubt it, has he even had a chance to respond. And say you are correct that Taylor did say it, it makes no difference. Cox can’t deflect the damage she has done for herself. Taylor didn’t ask for this, Cox just let her true feelings out. And I believe it will affect the black vote and only because she is playing both sides and politics with their right to vote, which if you can’t tell by now the take very seriously. Cox makes me sick and her vote makes me sick.

  7. Melb says:

    Cathy is the real problem here, I would have never doubted her on the Voter ID until this vote. Try to spin it anyway you want but it is going to work.

  8. smm7 says:

    this vote either means a) cathy strategically thought this was a good idea, has already decided she’s won the primary and that this will make voter id a non-issue in the general or b) cathy doesn’t understand how stupid of a political mistake this was for her at this point in her campaign and voted unknowingly and without leading the democratic party. either way – she’s no boss.

  9. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Truth is guys, it is Cathys job to enforce the laws… not legislate… not yet. When she originally came out against it she was the plaintiff, that was until the Elections Board meeting, where J. Randy Evans forced her to change to the defendant.

    She is a Beaurocrat, not a legislator, remember that. She enforces, not makes, laws.

  10. Melb says:

    She had a choice, otherwise there wouldn’t have been a vote. She had no choice is a bunch of crap, if it was mandatory to do this then a vote on it for yes or no would not be necessary. Also as a bureaucrat in charge of elections she should know better not to fund a faulty bill, pushed through the state legislature previously and again, that wasn’t critically looked at and one sided.

  11. Melb says:

    Also Brian, Randy Evans voted against the allotment with the Democrat David Worley because he thought that it was too much money.

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