Sonny’s Advantage

So, I’ve outlined the trouble with Sonny. Now, let me say that, despite that trouble, Sonny has the advantage. Why? Because the Republicans in the legislature have stretched their legs and they understand that this is Sonny’s year and Sonny has an agenda they are going to let him push. And, in my opinion, it’s a better plan for Georgia than the other candidates are currently offering.

See here.

Already basking in strong approval ratings heading into an election year, Perdue opened the 2006 legislative session with one of the best weeks of his three-year term, watching a natural gas tax cut zoom through the General Assembly and playing Santa Claus with the multibillion-dollar state budget after serving as the official state Grinch since taking office in 2003.

Even Democrats had to shake their heads at the timing: a strong election year economy after years of modest or worse tax collections and a governor spending the proceeds where critics say he’s most vulnerable — on education.

“He’s had a great week,


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    I think Sonny’s in pretty good shape. Also in his favor is that people generally like him. I think people overlooked that factor in 2002. The more he gets out and speaks with people the better.

    Another poll shows Perdue with a sizable lead over Cox and Taylor. Rasmussen surveyed 500 likely voters and found Perdue over Cox 51% – 37% and over Taylor 55% – 32% ( Hat tip Daily Kos).

  2. kspencer says:

    I agree that Sonny’s in good shape. If all things stay as they are, he’s pretty certain to win. He’s got, I think, three things to keep an eye on:

    1 – ties to corruption. Despite his conviction for ethics violations he’s really clean right there. However, as the Abramoff (and other) messes at the national level gain traction he risks catching some of the splash. How big a splash and how much he catches are frankly outside his control. But he should be making plans to cope with the worst just in case.

    2 – Economic downturn. Again, despite the glowing news of others I think this is not going to be a good year. I note as one datapoint that Centrex just effectively devalued all its Atlanta houses by ~20% with the “Up to $60,000 off” sale, reminiscent of the early discounts on the auto market that’s presently so sluggish. The note of increasing unemployment isn’t helping.

    3 – Medicare plan D’s impact. 12 states have declared states of emergency to cope with the hole. The problem is basically the donut. In a nutshell the choice for those states was deciding that the penalty of scrambling for funds to fill the donut hole beat the risk of a lot of unhappy voters. Sonny has stated that he has no intent to cover the hole, declaring the federal level seems to be moving toward fixing it. It’s a gamble, and if he guesses wrong he’s going to have to correct or cope.

    Again, it’s a matter of protecting his current lead. Those three are just the three things I see most likely to cut that lead significantly.

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