Yes, this is an article about Ralph Reed and the Abramoff Scandal…

This article further illustrates why it makes no sense for us Georgia Republicans to elect Ralph Reed.  He is neck deep in the Abramoff mess and when it’s all said and done, we’ll be better as a state for turning the other cheek when it comes to this mess…

Let’s keep it at bay.  Agree?


  1. landman says:

    The position the Georgia GOP finds itself in is fairly simple,and that is …that is,is it worth taking a chance on a Reed Campaign in the General election.I would argue that it is not considering that there is an alternative candidate that not only does not come with all the baggage,but is far more qualified for the office.

    It is crstal clear that the Dems are going to try and paint the Republicans as the corupt party on a national level,why give them any chance to bring it to the state level?The risk/reward ratio is not worth it.It is truly time for Ralph to put the Party before his self and do the right thing for Georgia.This mess is only going to get worse for all concerned.

    We have had some heated debates on this site concerning this topic,but I think it is evident that its time to admit the obvious ….Casey Cagle is the guy to carry the fight to the Dems in November.

  2. Warrior says:

    Did anybody notice Johnson’s quote about Reed in AJC last week? He said out loud what everybody is thinking.

  3. law303peachtreeroad says:

    What is that quote? and What is everybody thinking, that Johnson’s Senate buddy might not be qualified to be the first conservative Lt. Governor?

  4. Yeah law, I can imagine everyone thinking that a Senator of 12 years has less experience presiding over the Senate than a political consutlant.

    Sometimes you have to use common sense.

    You do not send the coach in to bat, when you need a homerun in the game, you send in your Casey. Casey at the Bat.

  5. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Reed is in meltdown as soon as Abramoff starts talking about him. No one would waste their campaign cash on a candidate that will sink faster than a rock.

  6. landman says:

    Warrior, every Republican in this state that can fog a mirror understands the damage that could come with Reed on a General election ballot.The bottom line with Reed despite his prior work for the party(which often gets way over played)is he has proven himself to be a FRAUD.This story has legs and it will not go away as long as he is running for public office.

    The majority of Republican Primary voters do not need an indictment to understand that RR has some serious character flawsand is not worthy of being our next Lt. Governor.Ralph needs to start exploring some sort of exit strategy so he can salvage what little is left of his reputation.
    The writing is on the wall,Buzz,Law,Silence,Erick you guys need to come together as a group and help him through this period of denial.It would be better for him and more importantly better for our Party and this Great State.

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