The Trouble With Sonny

I recently participated in a conversation with several diehard Republicans and a Democrat. The governor’s election came up. The Democrat supports Cathy Cox. The Republicans are having trouble. They desperately want Cathy Cox to lose the primary not because they think she can beat Sonny, but because they’ll have a difficult decision whether or not to vote for a Democrat if she wins — and they all say they will.

The synopsis of the discussion is that the Republicans all felt like Sonny has governed more as a Democrat than a Republican. They don’t really know what he has done. Cathy Cox seems nice and fair. Mark Taylor isn’t viewed as too favorable. So, if Cox loses, all (even the Democrat) will vote for Sonny. If Cox win, these Republican will, for the first time, be flipping the switch pressing the button for a Democrat.

The trouble with Sonny is that he has been overshadowed by the first Republican General Assembly and has a reputation as a hot head. Sonny is having to recapture a good portion of his base that has fallen in love with Cathy Cox. We have 11 months to go. He should be able to do that. But then again, he should have been able to avoid this problem to begin with.

It will make for a fun year.

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  1. HeartofGa says:

    Even Taylor supporters have a tough time countering the argument that Cathy’s got the best shot in the general. Some correctly point out that Taylor gave her cover by doing the heavy lifting for the party. Still, it’s hard to imagine Mark “Cry me a river” Taylor pulling many republican votes-votes needed to win. If we fail to nominate Cathy, it will confirm that republicans don’t beat us-we beat ourselves.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    I disagree, I think the Governor has grown into the office and is emerging as someone who exceeds expectations. I do not agree with everything that he’s done, but I think he has made tremendous progress over the past several months. It isn’t going to be easy, but I don’t see the state leaving him anytime soon…

  3. Melb says:

    Mark Taylor is hardly crying a river. He has more to offer Democrats than Cathy and has been actively involved in improving Georgia. Cathy is a nice person, but she has no real agenda and that is why my vote will go to Taylor. Heart, are you saying that if Cathy doesn’t win you will accept defeat? — And if so then that is truly the problem with the Democratic party.

  4. landman says:

    This state needed a capable CEO type of management style to get us out of the mess we inherited,and Sonny has done that.If you look at where we were and where we are at currently there is no argument we are better off.Has he made some mistakes sure ,but overall he has proven to be effective.

  5. emily says:

    Land, I agree that the CEO type of management style serves GA citizens well. I don’t think that Sonny has done anywhere near the job as Governor as Cox has done as Secretary of State. She has been nothing but a professional, balancing the needs of her office with the needs of the public. For instance, instead of spending surplus funds at the end of each fiscal since taking office as SOS, she has returned it to the taxpayers of GA. Her management skills are extraordinary, as any of her almost 400 employees will tell you. She knows how to run an agency and could certainly utilize those skills to run this state.

  6. sdgapeach says:

    Have any of you read anything about John Dashler, Independent? If not, your really should take a moment to check out his website. For republicans who want another choice, he is your answer.
    Click “News Flash” to read his 20 minute speech–it will be worth your while…..

  7. HeartofGa says:

    “Cry me a river” is what Taylor told republicans when they were in the minority and complained not having sufficient voice in the legislature. Taylor burned a lot of bridges with this type of rhetoric. Taylor has done many good things in his legislative career, and I respect that. While I will vote for Taylor and support him if he wins the primary, I do believe that, absent an Abramoff-level event, if Taylor is the winner in July, then Sonny will be the winner in November.

    Of course, I disagree that Cox does not have an agenda. That’s just spin from the Taylor campaign. First the spin was that she would not be able to raise the money to run- subtarct the million Mark loaned himself and she about doubled him this round- and now the spin, equally meritless, is that she has no agenda. Having listened to Cathy, I think she has a very clear agenda to provide good, fiscally sound government for all Georgians and to leave behind the back room deals of “good ol’ boy politics in favor of welcoming to the table anyone who has a good idea for Georgia. She supports prioritizing funding for our children’s schools and bringing Georgia schools into the 21st century by implementing research based techniques that are known to work. She has outlined initiatives for education, healthcare, ethics in government and creation of good jobs. I look forward to seeing policy papers from both campaigns.

    For the record, I respect the work Mark has done for this state and for the party. I believe that it is substantial and will support him should he win the primary. Do you, Mel, plan to support Cathy?

  8. Yall I have to agree. At first, 6 months ago, I thought Sonny was in trouble. Now I do not see it. Everything I was worried about was backroom politics, that only us politicos think about…support among grassroots and whatnot. Now, I think he stands a great chance at being re-elected.

  9. Cynthia says:

    I think that everyone knows that Cathy Cox is the only one who will have a real chance to beat Sonny Perdue in the general. All you hear from the Taylor camp (as is so illustrated on this blog and blog for america in particular) is statements about the past and vitriol about the future. Neither argument is really convincing in my opinion. I need a reason stronger than “you owe me” to vote for someone. It seems from the latest disclosures that I am not the only one who has that sentiment.

    Beating Sonny will not be something easy for the democrats to do just because how red this state is but we owe it to ourselves to put the best candidate forward. From what Erick says it seems that everyone, democrats and republicans, agree that that person is Cathy Cox.

  10. Melb says:

    First, I never thought that Cathy could not raise enough money, and I would vote for her if she were the candidate in November.

    Secondly, I think compared to Taylor she does not have an agenda. She talks about getting rid of the good ole boys, but she is just a much a member of the current political establishment as Sonny and Taylor, the only part accurate about that statement is she is not a boy. She has no detailed agenda or outlined initiatives on her website, so where are they? Every candidate wants good things for Georgia and it is easy to spout out what they are, education, new tech, jobs, economy, but what has she done in the past that proves that she is a progressive who is right for the Democratic party. And just fyi the people that I know are voting for Taylor do not feel they “owe” him a vote, they sincerely feel he is best for the party, Georgia, and the Governor’s office and would be a unifying figure for the party. They feel that Taylor is the type of person that represents their Democratic ideals and they have a lot of respect for him as well.

  11. HeartofGa says:

    I do respect where you’re coming from Mel. I have a few democratic friends who are in the Taylor camp, and most of them also like Cathy. My point is that Taylor has done good things, so why, from his campaign and his supporters have I heard so much of the “it’s his turn” and “why is she doing this; she’s going to tear the party apart” rhetoric, along with “Georgia is just not ready to elect a women governor?” Why not just talk about what he’s accomplished? To be fair, I don’t find position papers on either her website or Taylor’s. And where is the cogent argument about why he has a better shot at Perdue than Cox?

    Cox made herself very popular In Middle Georgia by decentralizing SOS activities and moving the licensing division here along with hundreds of jobs. Believe me, with the closing of Brown and Williamson, Keebler, Bassett Furniture and now with the potential of losing hundreds of jobs at RAFB, those jobs were welcome! The move was also a clear indicator that she believes that governing can occur outside Atlanta, an appealing thought to rural Georgians. I will say this, the way things have been done “in the past” is why Democrats are not in power today. We have to take a different approach if we have any hope of changing that. Either way, we’ll be together on this in November. Let’s just hope that Cox and Taylor don’t tear each other’s arms and legs off in the primary.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    If I were a Democrat, I would have tried to put up Taylor for Gov, Cox for Lt. Gov and Michael Thurmond for Sec. of State. Then have Cox run against Saxby for the Senate and Thurmond for Lt. Governor.

    But, I’m not a Democrat so oh well…

  13. Melb says:

    Though Taylor has not put up an agenda on his website, you can see his agenda in the legislature. This is where his past actions and present ones show the leadership Georgia needs. The HEROES bill last session, supporting paper trails, and education were priorities just last year that show he wants to move Georgia in the right direction. Taylor cannot control the mouths of politicos and neither can Cox, whose campaigners have not been angels either.
    If I could control the party I would do that too. I think our ticket would be much stronger and it would be lining us up for strong candidates in future races, as you pointed out.

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