Voter ID is Back

This time more legal than ever, or so proponents hope.

The Georgia House is scheduled to vote today on a new version of the state voter ID law, one that proponents hope will lead a federal judge to lift an injunction against its enforcement.
The Republican-backed bill would add a free voter ID issued in every county to the list of six government-issued IDs currently accepted at the polls.
The House also will get a chance to vote on a Democratic amendment to delay implementation until 2010. Other amendments passed along by the House Rules committee would provide full state funding of the new ID-issuance machines, and would allow counties flexibility in where to place them.

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  1. law303peachtreeroad says:

    I’ve been watching the insults fly back and forth, and have to add my two cents. Bill Stephens has a LOT of influence in this state. He is an experienced legislator and has been through plenty of tough elections. Once you get past I-285 and get to the Lumpkin and Brooks County type of places the hicks that will be deciding this race have one pretty clear option.

    Whether she has been endorsed or not is a technicality that anyone below Macon won’t look into. That there is even speculation is enough to turn them off. Beyond that they are not willing to accept a female candidate, especially when the other candidate offers a compelling reason to vote for his platform. I think Stephens really has an issue that will stick with the Voter ID bill. It is an issue that has Board of Election members and County Commissioners rallying behind his stance on the issues, not cheap shots from the minority head of a Democratic County. Without the support of County Commissioner Handel is dead in the water, and Bill has wrapped most of them up.

    Before we digress too far let’s just remember that we are talking about running for Secretary of State of Georgia. In the end the Redneck Factor will be too much for Karen to overcome.

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