Sonny’s Numbers

From his campaign:

Today Governor Sonny Perdue’s campaign filed its 2005 year end disclosure reporting a record $10.4 million dollars in contributions to his campaign for reelection.

“We’re honored by this level of support, and we’ll work hard throughout the year to continue to earn the trust of all Georgians. However, the strength of this disclosure will not alter our plans. Sonny is focused on leading the state by improving education, creating jobs and making government work better,


  1. emily says:

    Over $10 M raised..that is impressive. What you will find conspicuously absent from the release is the amount raised for this reporting period. There is a reason for that void: Sonny is a sitting governor and raised just $2.5 M. It’s sad, really.

    Interestingly enough, Cathy Cox raised $2 Million! Is Sonny’s fundraising slowing or has Cox’s fundraising increased that much? Wonder what Taylor will show? If Sonny can’t even raise money with Cox as an opponent…

  2. red clay says:

    As a fellow Cathy Cox supporter, as is seemingly Emily, I feel totally vindicated that taylor did come up with the money to make himself a viable candidate. Unfortunately, that money did not come from actual georgia voters but his own pocket. As a georgia democrat, I want the best democrat to win the election, I have to ask though what it says about a candidate if the only one who is willing to support them with cash is the candidate himself? Thankfully we have another option. Cathy has shown she can put up comparable numbers to the sitting governor. Unfortunately money is the lifeblood of politics and the taylor campaign is withering on the vine.

  3. HeartofGa says:

    Also, Cathy showed more than twice as many donors over101 and over 60 grand from donors less than 101, while Mark show only about 15, 000 from under 101 contributions. I think those numbers generally demonstrate critical grassroots support.

  4. GetReal says:

    With all due respect to the Cox cheerleading section, even without the $1,000,000 of his own money, Taylor has out raised Cox by almost half a million dollars and would have almost half a million more in cash on hand. (Not that it matters anyway, since money is money as long as it’s legal). In any case, I think an assertion that Taylor’s campaign is “withering on the vine

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