Numbers Game

Brian Kemp is the first to email us his numbers. He’s got over about [Ed’s Note: I misread the release] $400,000.00 and over 1,000 donors.

Gary Black emails now that his campaign has raised over $400,000.00 and has over 1,000 donors as well.

To be exact, Kemp has $379,3778.34 and Black has $424,347.95.

Slight advantage to Black.

Use the comments to update others.

And for the record, this is the 666th post at RedState. Are one of these guys the anti-Christ? Kidding. Relax.


  1. HeartofGa says:

    Alan Freeman has filed in HD 140 and has about 28,000 on hand. He spent more than he raised this period.

  2. stephaniemills21 says:

    Reed only raised $386,718.72 this period while spending $270,338.56 during the same period.

  3. Decaturguy says:

    Jackson has dropped out. Shyam Reddy raised an impressive $190,000 this period and has $290,000 on hand.

  4. Decaturguy says:

    Cathy Cox reports that she raised “more than $2 million” this period and “pushes our total for the campaign to over $4 million.”

  5. ConservativeFire says:

    Well, it appears that things came out as expected. It looks like Gary black didn’t raise the 1 million dollars he claimed he was going to raise. After months of bragging about 1 million,it doesn’t look good that he doesn’t have it.

  6. Jack S says:

    The most shocking number of the night? Ralph Reed’s pathetic fundraising. The Reed-Abramoff scandal has come home and Ralph is in big trouble. For the sake of our party and the financial well being of his family, he should just withdraw.

    Second most shocking number of the night is Tommy Irvin. A 30 something year incumbent raises $167,000 in six months?! When he knows he’s got a huge challenge?! I think Tommy is going to retire.

    I will grant Gary a tip of the hat for having slightly edged out Kemp, but two critical points. As I have written here before, Gary and his team have said repeatedly they would be at $1million by end of year. They’re clearly not. And 2nd, a quick review of the respective disclosures shows that kemp has a very wide and strong GOP fundraising base, notably so in key GOP counties. Gary has a solid support from Agribusinesses, but I’d wager most of them are members of his organization that he lobbies for. Smells a lot like a well running dry. I”m thinking the key disclosure will be not March 30 cause Kemp can’t raise money but June 30 to see who really has been able to get outside their base and raise the money to win.

    Of course, Tommy may not be in the race by then and it could be an entirely different story!

    We’ll see!

  7. RonaldJFehr says:

    The Secretary of State Leaders Overall are as follows:
    Total contributions to date:
    Bill Stephens 398,600.05
    Shyam Reddy 334,600.42
    Angela Moore 252,541.32
    Karen Handel 240,647.00

    Cash on hand to date:
    Shyam Reddy 290,792.23
    Angela Moore 245,353.07
    Karen Handel 202,393.69
    Bill Stephens 154,842.75

    Expenses to date:
    Bill Stephens 243,757.30
    Shyam Reddy 43,808.19
    Karen Handel 38,253.31
    Angela Moore 7,188.25

    Money raised during filing period ending Dec 31:
    Karen Handel 240,647
    Angela Moore 198,050.50
    Shyam Reddy 190,794.23
    Bill Stephens 171,365.05

    There are a number of conclusions to be drawn from those numbers:
    1) The Democratic candidates have been flying under the radar and are to be taken seriously.
    2) Angela Moore has an expense report that should make any candidate jealous.
    3) Bill Stephens has lost a lot of momentum since jumping out in front of everyone with his June disclosure.
    4) Karen Handel has been hurt by joining the race last.

    There is more to it than that simple synopsis though. Obviously Karen Handel and Shyam Reddy are running the more realistic campaign models given their expenditures vs. the money that has been raised. They, along with Angela Moore, also have the advantage of raising money for the next few months while Bill Stephens cannot.

    Bill Stephens will be at a Cash on Hand figure close to $50 by the end of the session if he continues to spend money the way he has. Perhaps he has already purchased his yard signs and media – doubtful.

    Expect the players to be Reddy and Handel that emerge as the front runners in their respective parties by the end of the next disclosure period. The gap between Reddy and Moore would be larger if Angela Moore had not lent herself 25,000, and she will eventually have to start spending. While Reddy has not lent himself any money, he has received over 15,000 from family members. On the Republican side, it’s difficult to imagine Stephens convincing anyone that he is fiscally responsible looking at his expenses. By the end of the session he will be a lame duck Senator, and have zero leverage to exert on the lobbyist crowd that makes up the majority of his support.

    Final call on the race in November is too difficult based on financial figures alone, Perdue vs. Barnes is the perfect example. That said, Karen was the only candidate to raise over 200,000 this period and she did that easily. I expect she will eventually out raise the field. Using that as a barometer, and her support in Fulton County as Commission Chair, a traditionally Democratic county, she should beat Shyam Reddy in a close General Election.

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