Cagle is at $1.3 Million and Counting…

Cagle Passes $1.3 Million Mark

Raises $667,000 For Second Half of 2005

Gainesville, GA – State Senator and Republican Lt. Governor Candidate Casey Cagle announced today that he has raised over $1.3 million despite raising funds for only eight months of last year.   Approximately half of this total, over $667,000, was raised during the second half of 2005 showing continued momentum in Cagle’s direction.

Of the total, more than 99% of the funds raised by Cagle came from individuals and businesses within Georgia.  All told, 1,647 individual donors have contributed to Cagle’s campaign so far this cycle.

“From the mountains to the coast, real business and community leaders right here in Georgia continue to join our team.  It is humbling to win the support of so many of Georgia’s most influential leaders at this early point, and I want to thank each and every person who has supported us,


  1. Bull Moose says:

    An initial comparison of the numbers announced by Casey Cagle and Ralph Reed for the second half of 2006 shows Cagle out-raised Reed by a wide margin. Reed’s announced total of $1.8 million (and his last reported figure of $1.38 million) for the cycle shows he raised only about $400,000 during the latest period. By contrast, Cagle raised $667,000 – a difference of over a quarter million dollars.

  2. 170,000 of Ralphs money came from out of state. About 43% of it.

    Can not believe that Casey outraised ralph by about 44% Almost doubled what what raised–even with national money. Casey outraised Ralph by 4 times in state.

    Bye Bye Mr. Reed.

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    You can check out the SoS website. I tried to post the link but for some reason it did not post.

  4. Jay, did you not see my post right above yours?

    Ralph raised about 43% of his money this quarter from out of State. or 170,000 out of 360,000 something dollars. I line by line added it up.

  5. jay says:

    Thanks for the article, I was looking for numbers from the beginning, not any particular quarter

    reed x dollars in state
    cag;e x dollars in state

    havent had time to add it up myself

  6. northside elephant says:

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 /U.S. Newswire/ — Preliminary analysis of Ralph Reed’s January 2006 campaign disclosure report covering the second half of 2005 shows that while the would-be lieutenant governor’s contributions dropped drastically from the first half of the year, he relied more heavily on out-of-state special interests for the money he did collect.

  7. northside elephant says:

    Reed already faced a nearly (statistically) impossible challenge: winning Lt. Gov without ever having held prior elected office.

    Though there are numerable exceptions it is still a fact that in the past 2 decades only a very, very small number of first-time candidates without prior elected experience were able to win an office as sought after as US Senate, Governor or Lt. Governor. Most, even the best funded and most well qualified lost.

    Even under ideal conditions (such as a weaker primary opponent, more money and positive press for Reed) he would still face great difficulty. Reed has lost critical momentum and lost his reputation among much of his base. Financial contributions simply reflect this reality.

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