One tidbit and two rumors.

Nothing really earth shattering, but I thought I’d pass on a few things I’ve been hearing:

Not A Rumor:7th District Congressman John Linder has drawn a Democrat opponent.

Rumor #1: 13th District Congressman David Scott may have an opponent that’s not a nutcase.
Rumor #2: D.A. King is considering a run for Governor as an independent on an anti-illegal immigration platform.


  1. Not to, you know, be self-aggrandizing but I broke that story about John Linder having a Democratic opponent about a week ago.

    However, I’m very interested in seeing who’s looking to challenge David Scott & whether they’re a Democrat or a Republican.

  2. dking says:

    rumor : Gov. Perdue does not “get it” that illegal immigration is not a weather event, is a Georgia problem and can be addressed from the state level…rumor is that the Dem Gov of Arizona has made it difficult to get or keep state contracts if the employer does not verify legal immigration status…
    Rumor is that she did it by Exec. order. Rumor on Mn Governor

  3. WGEN says:

    D.A.King is by far the most qualified man in Georgia to sit in the position as Governor. He is a man of high moral character, tops in integrity, and isn’t looking to fatten his backside with lobbyists bribe money.

    D.A.King has a proven record of *gettin’ it done* on his own money, not looking for handouts at every corner of the room.

    If Georgia wants to take back Georgia from the Fat Flying Political Hogs who have control right now then cast your vote for D.A.King. He IS the MAN OF THE HOUR for the NEEDS OF THIS TIME AND PLACE.

    Georgia voters can look high and low and they will not find another who can rate higher than D.A. King.

    I might even move to Georgia just to vote for him. That is how strongly I feel about this man running for this office.


  4. Warrior says:

    Bull, I hear Gary Black was there, too. Some nerve! Letting a candidate attend an open and free event. Democrats were there, too. This is scandalous! The bigger question is why more candidates weren’t at an event with a 1000 activists while the 3rd ID soldiers were returning to Hinesville.

  5. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Bull, I would be careful at drawing conclusions from Ralph’s attendance. I would imagine that everyone was invited. Scheduling conflict keep people from being at every event. Cagle has worked the Southeast hard. He’ll do well there.

    As far as giving away campaign money. I would be more worried about the high dollar recipients. As far as I know, Kingston has been a stellar conservative and quite principled. I would probably keep the money too. Running a campaign is expensive. At least he didn’t get $4.5 million…..

  6. Jan Herron says:

    We are losing our country. Any person running for elected office needs to take the issue of illegal immigration seriously. Personally, I would vote for D. A. King for President, in a heartbeat. Georgiafornians need to stop, look and listen to what D. A. King has to say about the #1 issue (illegal immigration) facing not only Georgia, but our entire country. His beliefs, actions, concern would add clarity and reinforcement to a failed Georgia government. Georgia needs to transition to conscious competency. It could be done with Mr. King at the helm. He’s no nonsense and puts his country before any party affiliation.
    Get him on the ballot!

    Jan Herron

  7. lawrence says:

    We definitely need new blood in the offices that now supposedly run the country. I’ve known DA King for a few years now and I feel he has the overall ability to put Georgia back on the path to American culture and values. I may not be able to be in the ring with him, but I will surely be cheering and supporting from the sidelines.


  8. Marty says:

    I hope for our country’s sake that it is no rumor regarding D.A. King running for Governor.

    He is by far, one of the finest people you could hope to meet.
    Integrity, honesty, patriotic. And with no self-serving motivations.

    I second this posting 100%—“D.A.King is by far the most qualified man in Georgia to sit in the position as Governor. He is a man of high moral character, tops in integrity, and isn’t looking to fatten his backside with lobbyists bribe money.”

  9. eg says:

    Mr. King is qualified everything he has accomplished has been by himself. He will put America first and do what is necessary to stop this invasion of illegal aliens.

  10. kspencer says:

    Since Mr. King appears to be posting, perhaps he can confirm or deny rumor two instead of snarking on the theme.

  11. Francisco Jorge says:

    I am hopeful that DA King will run for Governor of Georgia.
    He is a man of impecable character and today we are short of politicians that put America and Americans first.
    Da whom I have met, will do the right thing, of this I have no doubt. We should be so lucky as to have his caliber of man in office in California or in Washington . Go DA go!

    Francisco Jorge
    Latino Americans for Immigration Reform

  12. horton herrin says:

    January 9, 2005

    Not only will I vote for D.A. King, I will gladly sign his qualifying papers and help raise money to get him elected. We need someone who will DO something about these illegal alien invaders, not brush it off as a federal matter like Sonny Boy.

    Horton Herrin

  13. Sue says:

    What’s wrong with D.A. King for Governor? The state of Georgia could do a lot worse (and is with Sonny in office). In fact, I’m starting to warm up to the idea!

  14. Ed says:

    I just got wind that D.A. King is considering running for Governor. I like the way that sounds. I am a Black American and have known D.A. for a number of years. His opposition tries to paint him as a racist because of his stance on illegal immigration but I KNOW this man is not a racist. We are a nation of laws and he, as well as I would like to see them obeyed.

    I’m on your team D.A.

  15. SonnaLiberty says:

    Military vet D.A. King, burly and tough, yet personable and kind, would be a gust, not breath, of fresh air. Like Jesse Ventura without the occasional goofiness, or Arnold without the make-up and steroids.
    King is the real deal, with the charm, wit, and friendly candor to become an instant media favorite.

    King is also a person of superb integrity, unselfish, patriotic, highly principled, intelligent, hard-working, and a friend to all people of good character of any ethnicity, culture, or station in life.

    D.A. King cannot be bought, bribed, or threatened — the importers of alien scabs have already tried and failed to shut King up.

    Finally, a governor who would look after the rights, needs, and hopes of all legal Georgia residents. What a concept!

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