If Only It Was Someone Other Than Zogby

But good for Sonny nonetheless.

The Zogby International poll of 501 likely voters gave Perdue a nearly 61 percent job approval rating, and about 70 percent had a favorable opinion of the Republican governor. Perdue will stand for re-election in November.

In head-to-head matchups with two Democratic candidates, Perdue holds a 53-37 percent lead over Secretary of State Cathy Cox, and a 56-31 percent advantage over Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor, according to the poll.

Perdue drew higher approval ratings than Cox, Taylor and President Bush.

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  1. 4ofspades says:

    Hate to bring it up, but how about the Cagle Reed numbers..

    It is good news for Sonny, but as well all know it’s very early in the game.

  2. Early in the game, and also I think this poll is an outlier. A Survey USA poll conducted over the same period had Bush at 49-48 approval. This poll had him at 60. I know private polls on both sides show Sonny with a lead (as to be expected) but not this much.

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