1. buzzbrockway says:

    Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that American Indian tribes are exempt from McCain-Feingold. Why isn’t McCain taking heat for this, as it seems Abramoff found and exploited an (intentional?) loophole in BRCA ? McCain is the largest recipient of Tribal money and Byron Dorgan (ranking Democrat on McCain’s committee) received almost $80,000 from Abramoff and friends.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Buzz blow it out your A**!

    McCain is NOT a large recipient of tribal money. Do your homework you moron.

    McCain, who received $10,000 between 1999 and 2006, is 67th in order of Members to receive money through Abramoff represented Indian Tribes. And in contrast to others, NONE of the money Senator McCain received was given by Jack Abramoff personally, but rather by the Indian tribes.

    Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians $3,000 2000
    Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana $1,000 2000
    Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians $4,000 2004
    Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians $1,000 2000
    Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe $1,000 2000

    Get your facts straight Buzz.

  3. buzzbrockway says:

    You first Bull.

    I provided a link to back up my comments. Since you obviously didn’t read it, here’s a quote:

    From the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday, link to the transcript provided in my previous comment:

    “I also found from… Where is this? This is Cato Institute website, a Libertarian bunch. This is a column, January 12th, by Pat Basham, Patrick Basham, and John Samples at Cato. “Campaign Finance Folly,” and let me just pick this up about, oh, 75% of the way in: “Campaign regulations must be applied consistently across political parties and their respective committees. Hence, the [Democratic National Commmittee]’s request was rejected. The DNC isn’t the only culprit when it comes to favoring one kind of campaign reform for itself and another for everyone else. Arizona Sen. [the maverick] John McCain (R) is a skilled practitioner of this approach to campaign regulation. McCain, the principal backer of campaign finance reform, is also a loyal backer of Indian political causes. As a result, McCain is the number one recipient of the political donations provided to candidates by the nation’s 550 Indian tribes.

    “In fact, McCain receives twice the amount given to the second-highest recipient. Under current law,” this is 2002 now, “a person may donate a maximum of $1,000 to a specific candidate up to an annual limit of $25,000. This is known as ‘hard money.’ The candidate may use it directly for his own campaign. In May 2000, the FEC ruled that an Indian tribe may make the current maximum hard money donation of $1,000 per candidate to each of the more than 500 candidates running for federal office, i.e., Indian tribes can make aggregate annual hard money contributions in excess of $500,000.” Everybody else’s limit is $25,000. “In April, McCain’s campaign finance bill passed the Senate and remains in legislative limbo in the House. However, if a McCain-style campaign finance bill is eventually passed, thereby banning soft money, McCain’s favored tribes will possess a huge advantage over other Americans in exercising their right to political speech,” free speech. Here it is. Patrick Basham, John Samples, Cato Institute, January 12, 2002, almost four years ago.

    So the caller was right. Indian tribes are exempt from campaign finance reform and they give en masse to John McCain who sits on the Indian affairs committee? Hello, Jack Abramoff? Hello, Jack Abramoff? Folks, I tell you, in the meantime we’ve got this reputation for Senator McCain as a tireless worker for fairness and for purity and cleanliness of the electoral system and so forth, gotta get the money out of politics except when it comes it his donors then there are no limits placed on his donors. They are exempt from his own law. Ha-ha, ”

    Finally Bull, I did not say McCain received money from Abramoff, but since you did, I’ll ask: Has McCain donated the money he received from Abramoff’s buddies to charity yet? Will he?

  4. Bull Moose says:

    Buzz – Sorry – your source is misinformed and incorrect. Sorry. I worked in DC. I was a fundraiser. McCain is not the number one recipient. If I am wrong, I’ll greatly acknowledge it, but to my knowledge, your source is incorrect and BIASED against Senator McCain.

    I’ll ask the question of readers here, if you were a Member of Congress and received tribal money or personal money from Jack Abramoff would you keep it or would you donate it to charity?

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