Child Support Changes

A pre-filed bill that will probably be controversial is set to modify child support in Georgia.

Parents who pay child support could see their payments reduced if they spend more than 90 days a year with their children under a bill filed Thursday for the 2006 legislative session.

Senate Bill 382 would provide those parents with a 10 percent break. Parents who spend even more time with their children would see greater reductions.


  1. macongop says:

    It’s about time that Child Support comes into modern times. To have one parent that spends 120 plus days with his kids every year, to be slammed by the courts is unfair. I would like to see even bigger reductions though. I find that the 10% should be more in line with the amount of time each has the children.

  2. macongop says:

    Yes, even with joint custody, only the father’s income is taken into account. So the father is paying based on his salary only, not even taking the mothers income into account.

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