Action in the Ag Race

Here is a grassroots update from ’06 races:  Just got emails today from both the Gary Black and the Brian Kemp campaigns.

Black’s message:  “Congressman Linder endorses Gary Black for Agriculture” — Black website

From Kemp campaign:  “Kemp Starts 06 Campaign With Over1,000 Grassroots Supporters” — Kemp website

These aren’t any major announcements, but I found it interesting that I haven’t heard from Perdue, Cagle, Reed, Stevens, or Handel via grassroots communications in, well … I’m not sure how long it has been.  I would say that you can just check out their websites for more information, but with the exception of Cagle’s site, I don’t think any of the other candidates, as well as the GAGOP have any kind of updated event, news, or policy information from the past 4 weeks.

In a couple of months, a lot of these candidates are going to have to start spending beaucoup cash on things like direct mail, radio, tv, etc, so why not take advantage of less expensive strategies like direct email.  Moreover, if you are most likely paying for a website and staff members, why not get one of your staffers, interns, or volunteers to make daily updates? It’s pretty bad when the Ag Candidates are leading the way in online grassroots …


  1. Erick says:

    As I was commenting in the Zogby post, I think Kemp and Cagle get the internet and the rest really don’t. Hats off to Joel McElhannon for that.

  2. GAWire says:

    we talked about this before, but you can always tell when stoneridge has been retained. they also work with their clients to really utilize their online capabilitities.

    Not to turn this back to a Reed discussion, but if he and Lisa Baron, who everyone seems to tag as Ralph’s PR guru, are supposed to be so great at message, etc, then why has there been no grassroots communications on their behalf. Strategically thinking, I wouldn’t respond to any scandal accuzations unless there is an indictment, but a common strategy would be to divert those stories by presenting other news. Even if that doesn’t have much affect, which it often doesn’t when you are being tagged with the biggest scandal since who knows when, at least it will make you look like you are doing something to those you aren’t talking to at actual events.

    Same thing goes for Sonny, though. I know that most efforts at this point have been geared towards fundraising which is normal, but c’mon … use all of your resources when you can.

    Now, I don’t think emails are going to be the deciding factor by any means, but Joel’s (and the others) efforts to use all of their communications resources could be one of the key things that really boosts support and mobilzation when needed most in October/Nov!

  3. Bull Moose says:

    I got an email from GREEDY and he said he’s above talking negative about his opponents… He may be above that but he certainly isn’t above lying, attacking felllow Republicans who opposed online gaming, helping launder tribal money, or of being a highly paid lobbyist for Enron.

  4. GAWire says:

    I wrote too soon, at least as far as Sonny goes … got a message from Team Perdue yesterday about the Gov’s positive poll numbers from the AJC poll (old news at this point), and initiatives for the session that begins in DAYS.

    I am still surprised by the lack of focus there has been on the upcoming session by everyone it seems, but I still think this session will prove to be interesting, perhaps moreso related to the upcoming Primaries …

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