The Sad End of an Era

When I was first starting out in the practice of law, I knew I wanted to do election law and campaign finance law. There were three people who were willing to show me the ropes and were always willing to take a phone call from me, the new kid, regardless of how dumb my question was. Robert Highsmith was one, Anne Lewis another, and Teddy Lee another. In fact, they’ll still answer my dumb questions.

Today, it appears, Teddy Lee is going to lose his job. He was seen by some Republicans as a Democrat willing to overlook Democrat transgressions and go after Republicans. But, in all my dealings with him and with the State Ethics Commission, my Republican clients and I were never met with anything less than professionalism and courtesy. Having taught several election law CLE’s with Teddy Lee, he undoubtedly knows his stuff. And Teddy Lee has been nothing but a champion for the state ethics rules — even the dumb ones that the legislature insisted on.

In an era when Republicans are fighting off the Democrat stigma of corruption due to the Abramoff scandal and other issues, it seem like, if nothing else, poor, poor timing to be axing someone like Teddy Lee.

The State Ethics Commission apparently wants to “go in a different direction.

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  1. I believe the different direction will be fewer penalties, more foot dragging, a more lax interpretation of the law etc. Good timing for the party that gets most of the campaign contributions nowadays.

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