The Aquarium and Delta

Well, I visited the Aquarium for the first time last night. Well done! There’s lots of things to see – the kids loved the whale sharks and the Beluga whales – and it looks like there’s plenty of unused space to add new exhibits.

Looking at the map of the facility, and the sponsor logos, I was proud to see our hometown Georgia companies in force. I was additionally proud to see AirTran coming into its own with a major sponsorship. I’m happy for AirTran, and it’s nice to see another company thriving in Georgia.

However, it was a bit sad for me to see Delta’s logo absent last night. If there were such a thing as Super-Duper-Platinum Medallion, I’m it. I did over 150K miles last year and this year looks to be more of the same. I need for them to be healthy. I hope we can continue to fill that fifth runway with flights, Erick!

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  1. GAWire says:

    Delta can’t afford to pay their pilots, so sponsorships are out of the question apparently. Moreover, before they shell out any cash on sponsorships, they definitely need to figure out ways to reward their valuable Medallion flyers – I, like Clayton, have not felt the love from Delta for some years now. Hence, business going elsewhere, other airlines growing, and them not able to pay the bills.

    I am also glad for AirTran – they have a lot of kinks they are still working out, but they are gradually replacing Delta as a key Atlanta Transportation company.

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