Taylor Does Not Have the Black Vote “Locked Up”

And any suggestion of such is ignorant.

Take Dekalb County for example, the county where Cynthia McKinney is supposedly going to turn out the vote for Mark Taylor.  Dekalb is also the largest county of black voting strength in the state. But upon closer inspection, it may not be such a cinch. 

All 7 black state reps. who represent a substantial portion of Dekalb County have endorsed Cathy Cox – not Mark Taylor. 

Of the polls conducted thus far, Cox has a substantial lead among black voters in a race against Taylor. 

Not only that, what the polls have shown is that Governor Perdue gets a substantial share of the black vote if Mark Taylor is the Democratic nominee.  In a May poll, Perdue gets a frightening 16% of the black vote is the race is against Taylor – higher than any Republican has polled with black voters in years and enough to swing the election if its close. This certainly does not demonstrate any love affair among black voters for Taylor.

Once again, if given the choice between a Fat Republican white guy vs. a Fat Democratic white guy, voters are going to choose the Fat Republican white guy. 


  1. Pappy says:

    Next time you need to get something off your chest, save us all a lot of time and just link to Cathy’s site. 😉

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