Kemp Endorsements

The Kemp campaign just emailed out the following information about his endorsements.

As you know, Brian Kemp, Republican candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, announced today a list of 202 current and former elected officials endorsing his campaign.

The key numbers are not the Senators endorsing Kemp. The key numbers are the Sheriffs and House members. A majority of the State House Republican Caucus is supporting Kemp. Also, it is conventional political wisdom that Sheriffs are worth their weight in political gold. Note that 7 of the 29 Sheriffs are Democrats in key swing areas in south Georgia and that many of the Republican Sheriffs represent vital GOP primary counties.

A close analysis of these figures show that with these endorsements Kemp has built and tapped a significant organization across the state and in counties critical to the GOP primary and the general election.

It is also important to note that key Democrat team members (Sheriffs) are willing to publicly endorse and support a Republican this far out against the dean of the Democrat delegation.

It’s a truly impressive list of endorsements that shows a clear strategic advantage for Kemp in the primary and a substantial threat to incumbent Tommy Irvin.

Here’s the breakdown of those numbers:

28 Senators
53 Representatives
29 Sheriffs
44 Commissioners
16 Mayors
12 County Officials
9 Local Officials
1 Public Service Commissioner
1 DOT Board member
193 Elected Officials
9 Former Elected Officials
202 Elected and Former Elected Officials

Including 10 Elected Democrats and 2 Former Elected Democrats

Here’s the full list:

Public Service Commissioner Bobby Baker

Senate President Pro-Tem Eric Johnson
Senate Majority Leader Tommie Williams
Senator Jeff Mullis
Senator Jim Whitehead
Senator Ross Tolleson
Senator Don Thomas
Senator David Shafer
Senator Joseph Carter
Senator Chip Rogers
Senator Greg Goggins
Senator Judson Hill
Senator Bill Heath
Senator Bill Hamrick
Senator Ronnie Chance
Senator John Douglas
Senator John Wiles
Senator Mitch Seabaugh
Senator Bill Stephens
Senator Nancy Shaefer
Senator Preston Smith
Senator Cecil Staton
Senator Jeff Chapman
Senator Daniel Weber
Senator Renee Unterman
Senator Casey Cagle
Senator Seth Harp
Senator Dan Moody
Senator Don Balfour

Representative Calvin Hill
Representative Vance Smith
Representative Jay Neal
Representative Earl Ehrhart
Representative Ben Harbin
Representative Jack Murphy
Representative Roger Williams
Representative Ron Stephens
Representative John Heard
Representative Jim Cole
Representative Clay Cox
Representative Jim Stephenson
Representative Allen Freeman
Representative Barry Loudermilk
Representative Mark Butler
Representative Buddy Carter
Representative Burke Day
Representative Rich Golick
Representative Ed Setzler
Representative Steve “Thunder


  1. GAWire says:

    A good list indeed, although, I haven’t compared this to Black’s yet. I will say that in a race like Ag Commissioner, sometimes the councilmen, state Reps/Senators, etc have more influence than Congressmen.

    Typically, endorsements from federally elected officials do more for name ID and recognition in larger, up-ticket races. Locally or in-state elected folks tend to do more for down-ticket races that typically only appeal to certain populations.

    I’m not sure I would put as much stock in Sheriff endorsements as the campaign does, but to some folks in rural areas, especially those that are related to ag (i.e. mid-south GA), those endorsements mean much more than Congressmen from the metro area.

    This year’s Primaries are going to tell us a lot about endorsements! Cagle is in a situation in that as a result of his position and popularity in the State Sentate, he has the endorsement from pretty much every elected official in the state. Not that Ralph doesn’t have any endorsements from key people, it is just clear that Cagle’s list trumps Ralph, and you know the President or any big names like that are not going to get involved as the scandal escalates, like previously discussed.

    Same thing here with Ag Commissioner … Kemp, a sitting elected official, has a nice endorsement list from many GA elected officials, while his opponent, who is from the private sector (although no negative scandals associated there), has some key endorsements, but struggles from the lack of internal support from the existing legislative bodies.

    Finally, one last point is that endorsements are typically over-rated, over-hyped, and generally over-credited. However, there are two extremes that can play a key role in certain races: 1) High-level endorsements (i.e. The President or other national figure endorsing/campaigning for “small” or down-ticket candidate; and, 2) key local officials’ endorsements for local races, or offices that affect certain population/areas (i.e. sherrifs/commissioners). Endorsements are great, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, they are just another necessary element to a campaign.

  2. Jack S says:

    uhhh, hello, out there, black and irvin supporters! Where’s GC and Rome and the rest of the Black campaign staff?

    Yall are not any fun at all! You run your mouth, trash talking Kemp for the last couple of months about no endorsements and now you’ve got what to say?

    I like starting out the year with one of my predictions coming true. Black’s staff once again blows an early and pathetically weak shot and then talks a bunch of junk.

    Kemp comes along and smacks them.

    Since you’re sitting there on your butt, all covered in dust and wondering what happened: That was the Kemp Campaign that just ran over you.


  3. Romegaguy says:

    Nice list… too bad it cant raise you any money for the next three months. If Kemp had these folks all along, why didnt he release the list earlier so it could help him raise money? Didnt see too many people that I would refer to as “agriculture leaders” either.

    It will be interesting to see how much money has been raised when the numbers are released soon.

  4. Jack S says:

    You assume it hasn’t been helping him raise money.

    I don’t know if it has or not, and I agree that the disclosures will be very interesting, not just for Kemp-Black but also for Irvin to see what he has been doing.

  5. ConservativeFire says:

    cottonfluff, goosecloose, Waterboy, what’s going on? Where are ya’ll at? The holidays are over now, it’s time to get back to work.

    I guess that ya’ll are just speechless. After weeks of talking big about how Gary is the guy in this race because he knows some farmers and sends the same email out every other day and how he has the endorsements and has this and that, where are all at now? Where are those big bad bold statements??

    After talking about Brian Kemp having no support and how he stands no chance, what do you guys think now?

    What do you think after this bold statement of rejection of the liberal democrat lobbyist, Gary Black?

    I mean not only are Republicans rejecting the Democrat lobbyist, but I mean Democrats are rejecting the Democrats in this race (i.e. Irvin and Black). I mean 12 Democrats like Bob Argo and 7 Sheriffs!

    It is ok guys, I mean ya’ll can always recycle another one of your 10 endorsements or talk about how Gary went to a cow show.

    It appears that the Black train better not go through 29 counties across the state because yall may get arrested. Not that yall have enough steamin your train to get to any of these counties anyway.

  6. ConservativeFire says:

    Is that all you’ve got? Is that all that the black camp has? Are the 7 dem sheriffs lame? About the other 200 endorsements? I mean when I got the email I was impressed. You probably had to change your diper.

    The democrat lobbyist Gary black better have the 1,000,000 dollars that he has promised and bragged about having.

    Come back with some substance like you people always go on about? Which endorsement is Gary going to recycle this week?

  7. Jack S says:

    Seems our Democrat in GOP clothing lobbyist friend Gary Black has been busy.

    A friend of mine who is an elected official on Kemp’s list got a call today from one of Gary’s county leaders huffing and puffing about him backing Kemp. All sorts of not so subtle threats and rants.

    Real class campaign you’re running there, Gary. Typical from a Democrat like Gary.

    I knew they were running an amateur, real lightweight campaign, but this is a new low.

  8. Cadillac says:

    First, the list is very impressive. I think that Kemp really suprised a lot of people yesterday with the list including myself. If Black is calling the people who endorsed Kemp and making threats then he is acting just like a democrat. If I was him I would be worried too.

    As well, I heard that Black was going to show a really big disclosure, $1 million was the figure from Black’s campaign worker.

  9. Billings says:

    Is there another endorrsement list i the state that is this impressive? I don’t even think that the Governor has endorsements like this. I don’t know if this has ever happened in a statewide campaign before, especially Ag Commissioner.

    It looks like the “horse fancier” has hit Gary again. I don;t know how many more blows the democrat lobbyist can take. I mean, you know lobbyists who have never run for office before are kind of sensitive.

    This list may be good but, Kemp needs to look out. I heard the other week from a Black campaign staffer that Gary was going to show over $1 million dollars on his disclosure. I was floored!

  10. Mike says:

    I don’t really care who wins the primary. However, if Kemp is anything like his arrogant, condescending supporters Black will have my vote. Kemp may be the better man, but you guys are doing him no favors.

  11. James says:

    I agree with Mike on this one. If Kemp is anything like the supporters on here he doesn’t have my vote. Forget endorsements.

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