Bold predictions for 2006.

The AJC employed a local psychic to make predictions for 2006. Here are two I found interesting:

Q. Will Duluth resident Ralph Reed’s entanglements with casino gambling and indicted lobbyists drive him out of the race for lieutenant governor?

A. I think it will.

Before the Cagle fans get too excited, our psychic friend makes this astounding prediction:

Q. If Cathy Cox is the democratic nominee for governor will she beat Sonny Perdue in Gwinnett? Will she beat him in the state?

A. I do believe she will beat him in Gwinnett but I don’t believe she’ll beat Gov. Perdue in the state.

Another bit of news comes today’s Gwinnett Daily Post.  Apparently, former Snellville Representative and Party switcher (to the Democrats) Scott Dix is pondering another run for the State House, this time to seek the seat left open by Rep. Jane Kidd, Democrat of Athens.


  1. TheSage says:

    Cathy Cox was the only Democrat to carry Gwinnett County in 2002. Changing demographics and strength among suburban women could put the county in her column again.

  2. Decaturguy says:

    Cathy Cox winning Gwinnett County is not so astounding to me. If fact, I believe that for a Democrat to win statewide in 2006, they HAVE to win Gwinnett County and based on Cox’s track record, is the only one who can do it.

  3. buzzbrockway says:

    In 2002, Cox did better than other Democrats in Gwinnett receiving 70,096 votes. However, she was not even close to the totals Chambliss (91,604) and Perdue (85,387) received. Also, Bush received 160,445 to Kerry’s 81,708 in 2004. I don’t see much evidence of growing strength for Democrats in Gwinnett (except for a few pockets along I-85) and I see no chance for Cox or Taylor to carry Gwinnett in 2006.

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