Charles Bannister’s first year.

Charles Bannister surprised many by defeating longtime Gwinnett Commission Chairman Wayne Hill last year and left lots of folks wondering what direction Gwinnett would be heading.   Gwinnett  Forum takes a short look at Bannister’s first year, which has gone well in my opinion:

Yet the jury is still out on his leadership style, with some wanting the chairman to be more active, and others applauding his methods. Meanwhile, another contingent of people in the county maintain that they see little difference in the overall direction of the county, with growth and development still the byword in Gwinnett.

Bannister himself would dispute that assessment. He sees less growth and is concerned about the revenue stream that the county generates. He anticipates far smaller growth than in five of the 12 years of the Hill Administration, when there was a $50 million increase in revenue. “We need to do something to encourage the tax base,” he says.


He talks about the need for more economic growth in commercial activity, “for houses don’t pay for all the services they require, and 60 per cent of the tax base comes from homeowners now.” (He is well aware of the impact of SPLOST revenues. He says that without this revenue “the county taxes would almost double” to maintain services as presently configured.)

To that end, Chairman Bannister is anticipating that the county will start getting into the business of boosting economic development itself. In recent years, it has relied upon the Chamber of Commerce for that activity, but now Bannister is talking about the need for an economic development officer “to compete.” He points out that neighboring Cobb County, for one, has such an office, and notes that they have been getting some big-name development that Gwinnett has missed.


  1. LoveGwinnett says:

    This guy was voted in because Wayne Hill was over developing Gwinnett and Mr Charles Bannister rode around gwinnett on a Segway telling people in his district that he was going to get a handle on the situation and control/limit the growth.

    A year later, there is more rezoning than ever. He and his buddies in Lawrenceville are allowing builders to cut down every tree in site to build the ugly homes on pieces of property you couldn’t even play a game of basketball on. Houses are being stacked side-by-side so close you can barly push a lawn mower between them. It’s ugly and after a few years the areas where the homes are being built begins turning to slums and ugly unsightly ghettos.

    I have the same last name is as Mr. Charles Bannister and everytime I go to the store or somewhere I have to show my Id someone alway ask if I’m related to that scumbag Charles Bannister. Then they go into a story that I’ve been told too many times about how Charles Bannister and the others have destroyed his/her neighborhood by rezoning and allowing builders to build these row houses.

    STOP REZONING! In the long run the good people of Gwinnett will leave and the crime will soon follow.

    Charles Bannister gets a “F” VOTE HIM OUT!

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