Voter ID

This issue resonates with most voters, but not with black members of the state legislature and various voting rights groups.

At the end of a losing battle in the final days of last year’s legislative session, State Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan burst into a rendition of “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around,” one of the anthems of the civil rights’ movement. She did it to protest the Legislature’s passage of a law requiring voters to show a state-issued photo ID at the polls.

In the next session that will start Jan. 9, the 27-year-old black legislator says she will not be moved in the fight to turn back the measure.

“It’s whatever it takes,” said Morgan, D-Austell. “I’m putting on the armor. Nothing they can do will fix the bill. It’s a bad law and it needs to be repealed. We’re not going backwards.”

Thomas and other black lawmakers know they are in for a battle as Republicans stand determined to defend the law, which requires Georgia voters who don’t have a driver’s license or other state-issued forms of identification to buy a separate card for as much as $35 – a fee critics equate to an illegal poll tax on the poor, elderly and minorities.

It really is interesting to me to see the reaction to this. The most interesting issue to me is to see the distrust of the GOP coupled with fearmongering by some who know better. Very interesting.