Racial issues in ’06

This article in today’s AJC discusses race as a polarizing issue in Georgia politics, and the role it could play in upcoming elections. 

One NAACP leader says:

“The Republican Party has a hard time realizing racism still exists for African-Americans,” said Stewart, who says he’s a political independent. “Social issues are important but dealing with racism and discrimination on a day-to-day basis is very important to African-Americans. 

Another interesting point is the fact that more young black voters are leaning right in their political views.  I don’t have any hard numbers on this, but it does seem as though there are more black conservative leaders that have come about within the past decade.  Men such as JC Watts and Herman Cain have been staunch advocates for conservative ideals, and we have also seen younger black conservatives really come into play such as Dyllan Glynn. 

 My question: is race still the polarizing issue that is used to be, and if so, then who is making it polarized?