A “new brand of Southern Democrat?”

Shyam Reddy Democrat candidate for Secretary of State calls himself a “new brand of Southern Democrat.” He describes himself thus:

“Basically, I look back over the past three election cycles, and currently look at the state of affairs, and feel like it’s time we had a whole new brand of leader at the forefront. In my case, a new brand of Southern Democrat, someone who’s fiscally conservative and yet socially responsible, someone who’s got the right experience for the job and not just political experience. Someone’s who’s eminently qualified for the job so that people can be faced with what they should be faced with — a person who is interviewing before them, someone who is asking them to hire them,


  1. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    “progressive” “moderate” “socially responsible”

    all euphemisms for liberal. I wonder why they just dont call themselves “liberal”?

  2. Bill Simon says:

    But…that opens the door on conservatives to be called:

    (I don’t know what the antonym is for “moderate)…and
    “socially irresponsible”….

    Hmmm….this is too confusing…lemme have some Tequila so I can drink irresponsibly and maybe this will all make sense…

  3. HeartofGa says:

    And there are, by my count, four democrats who have either filed or said they intend to file in the SOS race.

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