The AJC Under Fire

This is from the O’Reilly Factor. I’m neither a fan of O’Reilly nor the strategy to attack the AJC, which everyone already knows tilts to the left with Cynthia Tucker at the helm of the editorial board. But, this is still rather egregious.

O’REILLY: Now you accuse the Atlanta Journal-Constitution of censoring a reference to its parent company, Cox. Cox owns the Atlanta Journal. And you accuse them of doing something very unfair. Tell me what that was.

HEDRICK: Sure, I’ll be glad to. This came a couple weeks ago. Governor Perdue announced that there would be 2,000 new jobs in Columbus, Georgia. This is as a result of the company Aflac expanding.

The very next day, the AJC editorialized against the state offering financial incentives to help companies grow and create jobs, which we of course disagree with. We want there to be new jobs in Georgia, and Governor Perdue works hard to do that.

So we submitted an op-ed to argue the point that the state should offer financial incentives. But there was one very critical piece of that op-ed, and that was a sentence that explained that the AJC’S parent company, which is called Cox Enterprises, actually accepted more than $6 million in financial incentives to locate its headquarters right here in Atlanta.

O’REILLY: And they took that out?

HEDRICK: You’re exactly right. The amazing thing that really shocked us was that the editorial board censored our piece and actually removed that fact.

O’REILLY: They ran — they ran the whole op-ed that you guys put together, but they took out the Cox reference?

HEDRICK: That’s right.

O’REILLY: Is the Cox — is the Cox reference true?

HEDRICK: It is true. We actually have the documents. They were open records requested.

Also, I did not realize that the AJC trails only the San Francisco Chronicle in the number of cancelled subscriptions lately. That fact came out on the show too. It frankly doesn’t surprise me. While I have great respect for a number of reporters at the AJC, Cynthia Tucker has never met a right wing smear she did not accept as the whole truth. With lefty leadership like that, the editorial page cannot help but drift out of touch with its readership.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    I suppose the AJC has the right to control what is prints, but it seems to me they should have gone back to Perdue and said “we have a problem with that reference” and let Perdue decide how to respond.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Dang! Heather Hedrick appeared on The O’Reilly Factor? I would have watched it just to see that interview! (Yes, yes, I know, she’s engaged/married to Rob Teilhit (sp?)…

  3. Melb says:

    Actually all of this was in the AJC. The op-ed piece that the Governor put out had the wrong company and the wrong amount of money. Notice they only said “Cox” but in the piece they put Cox enterprise or something and it is a different company that owns AJC it is like Cox incorporated or something like that. Anyhow after the Governor accused them of censorship the AJC printed what they had put in the original op-ed piece and then showed the differences with the actual business that owns the AJC and the actual amount. And it was all in the AJC. And they also said the reason they took it out was because they sent them it after their deadline and they didn’t have time to check if it was factually correct. And it turned out they were right, it wasn’t correct and then they put it in there with the correct information, so liberal or not they put it in the paper.

  4. Romegaguy says:

    Did O’Reily ask Heather about the lack of response still from the Gov on the segregated proms still found in GA? Did Heather ask Bill about his recorded phone calls where he… uhhm… used a uhhm… phallic device on himself while talking dirty? (trying to keep this a clean, family friendly site)

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