Teachers want a raise.

Morris News Service: Educators’ group requesting pay raise

GAE President Merchuria Chase Williams said the group would ask lawmakers for the 6 percent raise – or a 5 percent increase coupled with relief on health insurance costs – when the Georgia General Assembly reconvenes in January.

“I do believe it’s a necessary requirement that needs to be granted for our teacher morale and to attract teachers into the profession,” Williams said

An election year with a budget surplus? Yea, I think they’ll get what they want.


  1. Tommy_a2b says:

    When do teachers not want a raise? I wish someone would pay me to work 9 months a year and give me a million teacher work days/holidays. Oh by the way make sure I get the most desireable days a year off work. This job would be perfect under the current pay if you could knock the snot out of unrully kids.

    Are teachers going to be given a fat raise? OR will the legislature give me my money back?

  2. Romegaguy says:

    Ok so how do you set up the performance bonuses?

    If you refuse to give a football player an A because his parents demand it do you get a higher bonus than the teacher who did give him an A?

    If you dont kill any of your students do you get a bonus and another if you dont kill any of their parents (that arent involved with their kids other than to blame everything on the teachers)?

    What if you teach lower level classes? Will the bonus reflect this or would it mostly reward teachers with honors, AP, or IB classes?

    Is it obvious I have relatives that teach? Maybe I should post emails on a website that teachers get from parents &/or students. That could be fun.

  3. buzzbrockway says:


    I’m not attacking teachers. My Mom, Dad and Grandmother were all teachers at one time. I’m sure those emails are outrageous as we all know nobody thinks their kids are bad.

    We have all sorts of measures for schools. Why not give teachers a 3% raise and bonuses for teachers at schools that excel. For poor performing schools, give a bonus for improvement over the year before.

    I’m sure it will never happen, because the teachers’ union will block any such attempt, but in the business world people who improve, benefit financially and those that don’t go out of business.

  4. waterboy says:

    Buzz is right…..throwing money at teachers is not the answer to better education, but bonuses for those in schools that excel (or at least improve scores) is a great incentive. Teachers are great IF they are great teachers. Let’s pay them for performance, not just because they have a job.

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    I still want to knock the snot out of unruley kids.

    I say that a teacher gets a bonus for evry kid that fails their class. We all know teachers are passing kids that do not deserve it.

    Oh by the way did I say I think teachers should be able to knock the snot out of unruley kids.

  6. John Konop says:

    If the Congress had not implemented a such a wasteful program like No Child Left Behind that is lacking any real results, there would be more than enough money for teacher raises.

    No Child Left Behind is leaving students, teachers, and parents behind.

  7. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Teachers are dedicated professionals. What is sad is that they end up in the middle of political debate every election cycle. Republicans are perceived to be evil and want to put them out of a job. The problem in education is not a simple fix. Performance raises are a nice gesture and might be useful, but the fact is that teachers are simply underpaid. To educate and motivate a classroom of children is a daunting task. I would be fired within a week. Yet teachers have to educate kids, deal with the politics of the school administration and election year politics.

    The problem with education is a societal problem. Teachers are not empowered to effectively educate. Parents need to take a pro-active roll, or rather the responsibility to instill discipline and accountability at home. These thing would provide the best foundation for a learning environment.

    I worked with teachers for more than a decade. Yes they tend to be more liberal but its because our Party has offered little solutions. We seem to think that vouchers for private schools is the end all. Its not. Competition in education (sending the kids to the school of your choice) is a risky idea. This week I spoke with a teacher in Cleveland Ohio whose district began embarked on this concept. She has 40 children in her class of 4th graders. That is a license for chaos. I am not against private school education. I’m a product of parochial high school and a Christian liberal arts university. I sent my children to public schools, home schooled and private school. In each setting we had successful outcomes.

    When we get parents to be accountable and responsible for their children and working with the educational institution, you’ll see a dramatic improvement. At risk schools will remain at risk, unless you change the mind set of the parents.

    In the meantime pay them a living wage.

  8. Jack S says:

    Performance bonuses for the staffs of schools that improve on standards from the year before.

    And outlaw unions for all public employees.

    And give every teacher a wooden paddle and the constitutional right to use it.

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