Pitts Pushes Gaming Referendum . . .

I’m not sure how or why I received it, but earlier today I got an email from Fulton County Commissioner Robb Pitts regarding his efforts to get a gaming referendum on the ballot in Georgia. Apparently he sent letters to all state legislators, reading in part:

I write to ask you to support legislation that would enable citizens of the State of Georgia to vote on the legalization of casino gambling.

Casino gambling offers many economic benefits such as increased tax revenues and employment opportunities. Studies show that two casinos would create 4,000 jobs and generate over $200 million annually from gaming alone.


Revenues from casino gambling could be earmarked to help fund the Grady Health System, which is one of only two LEVEL 1 trauma centers in the Southeast. This would provide much needed relief to Fulton and DeKalb counties, the primary local funding agencies of Grady.

I applaud the Commissioner for seeking alternative revenue sources, but I seriously doubt this will go anywhere in a Republican legislature, especially during an election year.

Since I can’t link to it, I will be happy to forward the email to anyone who is interested.


  1. Briardawg says:

    Underground Atlanta could definately use something to envigorate its identity, and that would certainly breath life into a 24-hour downtown.

  2. TigerLily says:

    I have a great idea! Let’s get some bling in downtown ATL to go with our new City song…a casino! Where’s Ralph?

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