1. GAWire says:

    Yeah, that’s whatwe need … a candidate whose defense is that the statute of limitations has already ran out!

    If I were an artist (which I’m not!), I would draw a political cartoon with a goofy Ralph (the silly grin, hair, and all) character holding money bags, smiling/laughing, and waving at the statute of limitations, while running towards the GA LG office. The best part would be the religious groups, indian tribes, and other clients that RR duped, crying in the background.

    Don’t take my idea, but if anyone out there can draw, and has free time, mock this up and send it to me!

  2. 4ofspades says:

    I hear Ralph was the only Lt Gov candidate to show up in Glynn County for a candidate forum. Stephens & Handel were there in SOS race & McQuire.

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Casey Cagle spoke late Friday at the Coverdell Leadership Institute. Earlier in the week he was campaigning in Darien, which is just south of Glynn County. Ralph spoke at CLI in November.

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