Governor cuts tax on home heating fuels.

ATLANTA –Governor Sonny Perdue signed today(Monday December 19) an Executive Order cutting in half the state sales tax on natural gas and liquid propane for residential heating. The Executive Order stipulates that Georgia’s sales tax on natural gas will be reduced during the peak home heating months of January through April 2006. Liquid propane will be reduced during the months of January through March 2006.

“State government should not reap a financial windfall because of unfortunate market conditions causing the cost of natural gas and liquid propane to rise,


  1. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    I agree, another good move by Governor Perdue. He is being seen as a leader for the average Georgian, someone who will take the lead when necessary to try and have a positive impact on everyday life.

    Mark and Cathy might ought to concentrate on 2010.

  2. You are all correct. He took the lead back in the ’90’s by sponsoring the bill that deregulated natural gas and now he is trying to clean up his mess. Thanks to his “leadership” Georgians will save $2/month on their gas bill this winter. A gas bill that before natural gas dereg would have been between $10-$50 cheaper. Such leadership!

    At least when Bush does a tax cut you can buy a TV with the money you get back. With Sonny’s tax cut you can’t even buy an extra value meal from McDonalds.

    I’m sure Mark and Cathy are kicking themselves that they have to run against the guy who deregulated natural gas but then later offered Georgians a whopping 2% savings on their gas bills as consolation. That guy’s unbeatable!

  3. Warrior says:

    Let’s see….a $20 million dollar tax break on heating fuel for the winter. And $20 million to spend in campaign telling folks about it. Versus… plan and no money to whine. I’d rather be Sonny Perdue than Cox/Taylor!

  4. Wow, Democrats can not stand good news.

    Eric, I do think a lot will depend upon what the Legislators decide to do with our money that is left over this next session. I can handle restoring some of the necessary funding, but anything above what it was in (Pre 2002 + inflation) there will be a price to pay at the polls.

  5. Brian if your definition of good news is record high natural gas prices (100% higher than last year) coupled with $2 a month of state sponsored savings for ratepayers, then no I guess Democrats can not stand such good news.

    Someone who’s home heating bill was $75/month last winter is looking at $130-$150 this winter. Oh wait, I mean $127-$147 because of this tax break. The only way you’ll be paying less this winter than is if you no longer decide to heat your home.

    It seems that Sonny’s only solution to problems facing Georgians is either a temporary tax cut or a tax increase (for cigarettes). Millionaires who live on the same street as the governor’s mansion don’t need any government relief from high heating bills this winter, yet they get the same percentage cut as someone living in innercity Atlanta making $6/hour.

    Here’s a novel idea: take the $20 million and let 200,000 low income Georgia families and seniors apply for a $100 credit to help with their winter heating bills. Certainly that $100/family will go a lot further with those truly in need than a couple of bucks for everyone regardless of need.

    If Sonny was offering the kinds of solutions that actually helped those in need instead of the kinds of solutions designed to generate positive press for Sonny Perdue, then yes, I would not be able to stand such good news.

  6. TigerLily says:

    Hmmmmm….I have a fixed rate of .97 a therm through April. Don’t remember rates like that before gas dereg.

  7. TigerLily I’m not sure if you mean you remember higher or lower prices. In April 2001 you could get a fixed rate for between .78 and .83 depending on your provider. I’d have to ask someone who keeps a longer billing history than is available on the PSC website but I’m pretty sure back in the ’90’s it was significantly lower.

    So you are right, you probably don’t remember prices that *high* beofre dereg.

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