McKinney to be challenged.

A friend emailed me a link to this blog post from “A MAD DEMOCRAT.” Apparently DeKalb commissioner Hank Johnson has announced his intention to take on former and current 4th district Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Johnson is quoted as saying:

“As a Commissioner, I know the importance of highly effective Congressional representation. Resources are scarce and the stakes are high,


  1. Decaturguy says:

    Thank goodness. I don’t know what kind of chance Hank has, but at least she will be challenged.

    Maybe Mark Taylor will have to throw his support behind McKinney now!

  2. Tommy_a2b says:

    If nothing else this will make her spend money.

    On a side note my wife had me rolling when she asked me if I say the Christmas Card that Mikael Gorbachev and Mary Perdue sent me. What does everyone think of the card?

  3. Tommy_a2b says:


    On a side note my wife had me rolling when she asked me if I saw the Christmas Card that Mikael Gorbachev and Mary Perdue sent me. What does everyone think of the card?

  4. Decaturguy says:

    Problem is Buzz, that the Republican Legislature redistricted most of North Dekalb (read white and Republican) out of her district. She added some of South Gwinnett and Rockdale Counties, however.

    I’m skeptical of Hank’s chances, however, I do wish him luck, and it at least forces her to work.

  5. Ben King says:

    Buzz – I believe it’s Majette with a j. But Buzz got me thinking about something. Yes, McKinney will have to work, and I have no idea if the Taylor campaign will have to publicly support McKinney a lot. But McKinney having to work for it means that the “machine” that a lof people seem to be obsessed with will be working in high gear on primary day for sure, as opposed to her having to get it working just for Mark. I personally am a little wary about all the “machine” talk, as far as how much it will help Taylor. But at least he doesn’t have to worry about whether it will be at full steam during the primary.

  6. Ben King says:

    I’m sorry, I should say that Decaturguy got me thinking, not Buzz. Erick, when will we get an “edit post” option??

  7. buzzbrockway says:

    I’m sure Taylor wanted McKinney’s machine which is why he accepted (or persued) her endorsement. A primary for McKinney only helps Taylor and even if it’s only 1 or 2% increse in turnout, it could be huge for Taylor.

    The portions of Gwinnett now in the 4th are solidly Democrat. Hugh Floyd, Brian Thomas and Pedro Marin represent that area in the House and Curt Thompson in the Senate. They’re not very high turnout precincts, but they probably went 60%+ for Kerry. I don’t know how those areas would vote in a McKinney primary.

  8. rickday says:

    I love Cynthia McKinney, even if she is a D. She was the only one who had the stones (?) to stand up after 9/11 and say “what the hell is a goin’ on in here?”

    She has guts (which means you men can’t stand her), is a double m, and frankly needed because we have too many white men in power. This aiin’t the marshmellow man country its the melding pot country. get over it.

    Think I’ll send her a few hundred bucks for next cycle. Thanks for the remind!

    I am sure this post surprises you…..heh

  9. Dignan says:

    Once again I will be the contrarian here. I would actually reluctantly support McKinney against Hank Johnson. While McKinney is a complete nutjob and has no business in Congress, at least she doesn’t get anything done. She is too extreme to be effective in Congress. On the other hand, Johnson states that his main job will be bringing lots of money home to the district. Otherwise known as pork. No thanks Hank, I’d rather keep my money than have you spend on S. Dekalb.

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