Boycott Chick-Fil-A

Other organizations have bastardized the bowl series, but Georgia has always managed to hang on to the Peach Bowl. Sure, we started calling it the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl, which was acceptable because CFA was forking over so much dough. But, this is unacceptable. The Chick-Fil-A Bowl is full of cow manure. And I don’t think I can eat any more chicken with that.

Even Nokia has kept “sugar” in the Nokia Sugar Bowl. And we still have the Rose Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, etc.

For a company so fundamentally linked with Georgia, it was really crummy of Chick-Fii-A to take the peach out of the Peach Bowl.


  1. Something that has always bothered me is the Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre. I was okay with the Coca-Cola Lakewood Amphitheatre, but Hi-Fi Buys got rid of the Lakewood. Kills me. For some reason, it’s okay to have a corporate partnership, but not a corporate take over. While we’re on major events/locales, the lack of a Hank Aaron stadium still gets me upset.

  2. Ben King says:

    ditto. the story you linked to said that the bowl was hoping to eventually become part of the BCS. It would seem to me that would be more likely if the game actually had a real name to emphasize the tradition. after all, isn’t that the supposed rationale for keeping bowls, tradition? Removing the “Peach” in the Peach Bowl is the only way that a national audience notices the bowl at all, frankly. Otherwise it just becomes another “sponsor bowl”. No one gets excited about putting a “sponsor bowl” in the BCS. People get excited about putting a bowl with a recognizable name in the BCS.

  3. Silence says:

    I’m one hundred percent on board with ya’ll. No one wants the BCS, bowls, college football, etc, to become more like the NFL with corporate control. The only thing that makes college football such an integral part of southern society is the simple fact that it’s about competition, rivalry, tradition, and not money, corporate fudge, glitz, etc. Leave the Peach in the Peach Bowl, and kick the BCS. We need playoffs.

  4. GAWire says:

    Well, Silence, I nailed down another area about which you don’t know much. The only reason we have the BCS around still is due to the sponsorships and the money that goes to the schools as a result of those sponsorships. Corporate control? That boat has sailed, brotha!

    I will obviously agree with you that we need playoffs, but that is an easy statement, if you aren’t considering the millions and millions of dollars that UGA will receive for being in a corporately sponsored bowl game that means nothing else. Why else would you be playing West Virginia, or whoever it is? I would love to see the teams back playing on open grass fields, without tv timeouts, corporate logos, and all that idealistic stuff, but it ain’t gonna happen – not in this current NCAA Football program.

    Moreover, the Peach Bowl, or the Chickfila Bowl or whatever will not be a BCS bowl game – not without some more money and prestige.

    I like the Peach Bowl. I have gone every yr forever it seems like, but let’s get down to the heart of this – there are more reasons for these changes, than just Truitt Cathy wanting to take over the South.

    Does it suck that they are taking the “Peach” out? Sure. Is it really going to be any different for the teams, or the league, or the city for that matter? Absolutely not.

  5. Well let me join the bi-partisan calls for keeping the “Peach” in the Peach Bowl as well as getting rid of the BCS (which I like to call the Bunch of Crap System).

    I didn’t like it when Capital One changed the name of the Citrus Bowl to the Capital One Bowl and I like calling the Peach Bowl the Chik-fil-A Bowl about as much as I like calling the Rich’s Great Tree the Macy’s Great Tree.

    And for the record, I still call it the Rich’s Great Tree.

  6. GAWire says:

    “Corporately?” Definitely not a word. Silence, you certainly can figure out my lacking areas … grammer/spelling!

    Stream of consc…

  7. Silence says:

    Well, I reckon concensus, on this site at least, would say to go with your strategy and political picks, and my spelling and grammar, eh? 😉

  8. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Count me in. The new name bites. Once again, Atlanta sells its Southern soul to try and appear modern and cosmopolitan. I know the city had nothing to do with this, but it fits the pattern of being anti Southern heritage.

  9. Dignan says:

    I’m going to be the contrarian here. “Atlanta sells its Southern soul”??? What an absurd comment. So, Chick-Fil-A is a bunch of Yankee interlopers that has come to wreak devastation upon Dixie? Ah, I see that this move is to appear modern and cosmopolitan. When did Chick-Fil-A start having happy hour with tapas and appletinis?

    Guys, there are not many more admirable companies in Atlanta than Chick-Fil-A. Chick-Fil-A is also a large part of the history of this city and has grown as we have.

    What sort of tradition are we talking about here? It isn’t like the Peach Bowl had a wonderful 100 year tradition of great games. It is a relatively new bowl, that until recently has had fairly mediocre teams play.

  10. rickday says:

    Boycott? Shoot, I have boycotted CFA for years, once I:

    1. heard their filthy rich white guy founder publicaly flaunt his white guy filthy rich christian faith like a mighty marketing tool. I do so detest such display. (as in garishigly displaying ones religion on ones shoulder)

    2. figured out that 1 above was the reason CFL is closed Sundays. I suppose those who worship Sabbath on Saturday as Screwed-Fe-Layed. What a quaint old practice; Sabbath.

    Why? I figure those business types have enough businessess. I’ll spend secular, thank ya!

    College ball? pffft….on life support provided by alumni living vicariously through their old schools…grow up!

    Make mine Real Football. Make mine the NFL.

    that is all…please carry on with the dreary, yet important tasks of raising campaign funds…

  11. HeartofGa says:

    Another note of bipartisan support for keeping the Peach in the Peach Bowl. I read this post to my spouse who uggested another name that reflects Erick’s post and the spirit of this thread: “The Chicken____ Bowl.” You fill in the blank.

    Seriously, I think that this is a very poor marketing move for CFL.

  12. GAWire says:

    rickday cracks me up! Equating Truitt Cathy with someone selling their faith as a marketing tool. Oh, rick … I guess if ignorant people knew they were ignorant, it wouldn’t be any fun for us to get a laugh out of your assenine comments!

    Perhaps if you knew the history of Chickfila and Truitt Cathy, and why he has made his stores close on Sundays, you wouldn’t make such rediculous comments, but I guess the world needs ditch-diggers, as well as benevelont, giving successful businessmen that stimulate the local and national economy, like Cathy and his family.

    Whatever you do, rick – don’t read a book and please don’t attempt to better yourself through learning something about which you speak, b/c I am going to need some laughs over the holidays, and I am depending on your comments to come through for me there!

  13. GAWire says:

    Oh, I forgot to clarify this … Cathy and Chickfila close stores on Sunday, so that employees are not forbidden from attending church. AND, if employees’ religious faith requires them to be in church on Saturday, then it is company policy to allow them off work without penalty.

  14. TigerLily says:

    Seriously, guys….

    Could you imagine life without the CFA biscuit!?! I mean, come on!!!!!!! I want the Peach in the bowl but to boycott the biscuit? That is metro-southern blasphemy.

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