It never hurts to ask.

From the AJC:

Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor’s staff opened the mail recently and found a strange fund-raising plea: Gov. Sonny Perdue writing to say he needed Mark Taylor’s help to defeat … Mark Taylor.

Perdue’s re-election campaign sent Taylor and Secretary of State Cathy Cox — his opponents in next year’s election — letters at their state Capitol offices recently requesting campaign donations.

I like this quote from Nick Ayers:

“We’ve experienced great success from mailing to Democratic donors in Georgia,” Ayers said. “Our opponents talk about bipartisan support. We actually get it.”


  1. Yeah and as I noted on my site the former Democratic donors who now give to Perdue are called “lobbyists” and if a Dem wins the governor’s race they will be able to talk about all of the Republican donors who are now giving to them. That’s how winner takes all politics work.

  2. Booray says:

    Whoops. Not a big deal though. Everyone knows those mailings go to thousands and thousands of folks – if a staffer was spending his or her time picking through all that stack to prevent one of them going to the wrong address, it would be a colossal waste of time.

  3. HeartofGa says:

    Very funny. He says that others talk while they actually get bi-partisan support. When I look at the host lists for fundraisers for Cathy, it sure does look like plenty of republican money is flowing into that campaign. We all know that she’s the greater threat to Perdue because she will draw substantial republican support. And Nick fails to mention that her campaign chair, Dan Ponder, is a republican. Where are the democrats on his campaign team?

  4. Warrior says:

    This happens all the time and isn’t Nick’s fault. Consultants and lists come from all over. Anybody wonder how they got that junk in their mailbox? The AJC just wanted to embarrass Perdue. I guarantee, SP has received solicitations from the DNC, Barnes, and others. But, of course, you won’t read about that in the paper.

  5. buzzbrockway says:

    During the 2004 race, I received a picture of Kerry and Edwards (amazingly they weren’t holding hands) that thanked me for my hard work and loyal service to the Democratic party – and asking for a donation. 🙂

  6. Deal with it! says:

    hmmm, somehow i doubt nick did it on purpose…if he did, fine, but if not, did he pick out the portrait for the Perdue’s christmas card??? that was a big mistake too!

  7. GAWire says:

    As Warrrior said, this ALWAYS happens in large campaigns. Mailers and calls go out by voter and donation lists, so it is practically impossible for names and Parties not to cross on various lists. Sure, you can clean them up, but where is time better served: going through a million names on voter lists to make sure there are no common names like Mark Taylor, or focus on running a statewide election? Tough one, huh?

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