City of DeKalb?

It was discussed on this weekend’s Georgia Gang and in today’s AJC – the idea of turning DeKalb county into a city. Vernon Jones said:

The plan has the allure of new revenue. If unincorporated DeKalb County were made into a city, it could collect $22 million annually in utility company franchise fees it cannot now collect according to state law.

“We could dramatically cut taxes and fund infrastructure improvements,” said Jones, who quickly dismissed speculation that reconfiguring DeKalb as a city would allow him to run for mayor. His term as CEO runs out in 2008.

The thought occurred to me that this would prevent cities from annexing property, or at least make it much less common. I don’t know about DeKalb but in Gwinnett, developers will take a project to a City that was turned down by the County and the City will annex the desired property and approve the project. Sometimes the project is a good one, but sometimes it’s controversial as in the case of a new Lawrenceville Wal-Mart – that annexation vote cost longtime councilman Sonny Brand his seat.

So, is the idea of turning DeKalb into a city a good idea or not?


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