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Gainesville, GA – State Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Casey Cagle announced today that over 200 elected officials have now endorsed his campaign. The list includes 23 state senators, 41 state representatives, 21 sheriffs, 42 county commissioners and 80 other local officials from the north Georgia mountains to the Florida line (207 total).

By contrast, Cagle’s primary election opponent – lobbyist Ralph Reed – has announced the endorsements of only a handful of Georgia elected officials.

“I want to thank all of these great leaders for personally supporting our efforts at a critical early point in this campaign. From funding education to cracking down on repeat DUI offenders, I have worked hard to solve real problems facing Georgians through over a decade of service in the Senate. Our local elected officials understand the importance of this work, and having their support means a great deal to me,


  1. Romegaguy says:

    Speaking of endorsements, anybody seen Kemp’s list yet? Joel is pushing Casey to publish one but hasnt done one for Kemp yet… Make your own conclusions I guess.

  2. GAWire says:

    Let me summarize this posting for everyone (especially you folks who think Ralph Reed isn’t all that bad):


  3. Jack S says:

    First, way to go Cagle. I remember a few months back all the Reed coolaid drinkers on here talking about how the President would endorse Ralph and then we’d all be sorry and Ralph would get his vengance, etc. yada, yada, yada.

    Seems that Cagle has completely turned the tide and Ralph is quickly becoming irrelevant.

    Now for another prediction, Rome and the other Black Democrat coolaid drinkers.

    I don’t know who has endorsed Kemp’s campaign other than his fellow Senators, or about his legislation.

    I have emailed his campaign staff and they responded that they could care less what Gary is doing.

    What I do know is this. For the last couple of months all the Black Democrats/staffers on this site have been attacking Kemp because Gary rolled out a “plan

  4. Bull Moose says:

    I would not refer to Gary Black’s supporters as Black Democrats… Regardless of the intention, it gives off the wrong appearance.

  5. Tater Tate says:

    I guess this means CC will get at least 200 votes. Congratulations!

    You guys really scare me with your conclusions. I can show you plenty of races where this happens and the guy fall short of a victory.

    I happened to bump into one of the key leaders of the Senate Rs the other day at a meeting and he confirmed what you guys make me doubt from time to time when I get caught up in your CC fan fest gab.

    Reed still wins. It will be close, but Reed wins.

    Congratulations again on CC’s 200 impressive votes.

  6. Karla Stuckey says:

    I almost have stopped posting because of some of the comments on this blog are so rediculous, especially about this race.

    But I could not resist this one.

    Your conclusions are so stupid. Cagle can not and will not win this race. I have talked to at least four of our congressmen about this here in D.C. and they all think Reed will win hands down.

    Every candidate gets endorsements. Look at those who supported Bob Irvin or whoever it was against Senator Chambliss. Some people just don’t get it and those 200 or so will be surprised come the morning after the primary.

    The grass roots that Reed is organizing will roll over Cagle’s campaign. To say that Reed does not have support is simply stupid.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    I would love to know the 4 Congressmen that are so convinced on Reed’s victory.

    How much campaign money did they receive from Abramoff and friends? Maybe that’s why they are still so sure of Ralph’s victory.

    The bottom line is that Casey Cagle is building a new Republican organization that will only add to the existing grassroots and result in victory come July and then in November. It’s an organization that is attracted to ideas, experience, and character. Casey is putting forward a positive and realistic agenda for Georgia’s future that focuses on education, jobs, safety, and our environment. It’s a plan that has been developed from experience — not rhetorical talking points and polling.

    Momentum is on Casey Cagle’s side — plain and simple. Get used to it.

  8. GAWire says:

    Interesting is your analysis on DC folks and Ralph Reed, b/c my experience is that just the name Ralph Reed is like dropping a grenade … If you want to clear a room in DC, all you have to do is say that Ralph Reed is there and wants to work the room.

    I also should ask what side of the aisle your “contacts” are.

    Furthermore, no one is saying that Reed doesn’t have ANY support. It is clear, however, that Reed’s support peaked at his announcement. Finally, we all know about Ralph Reed’s grassroots machine – what’s even more interesting is that many of his opponents once worked for that machine until they saw what kind of guy he is, and eventually decided to use it against Ralph himself.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    If Ralph weren’t running for office, he’d be even more toxic than he is now. I mean for goodness sake, it’s Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, and Ralph Reed who are most often discussed in the continued investigations in DC.

    There are three members of our DC Delegation that need to quickly and quietly refund campaign contributions from Jack Abramoff. The longer Reed/Abramoff stories continue the more likely they will get brought into the story…

    Stuckey put that in your pipe and smoke it…

  10. grassrootsguy says:

    I work in DC and I can assure you Reed is welcome in any meeting regarding Republican strategy. I don’t know where you get your information, but Reed is still well thought of up here. No one is running from their association with him.

    This is a John McCain induced witch-hunt because he is still angry about 2002. I guess he has to try and get rid of Reed before his next campaign.

    It is McCain that most Republicans up here really dislike–such a camera hound.

    By the way, I really like the new guy, Westmoreland. He’s got the right stuff.

  11. Bull Moose says:

    I guess McCain is heading up the federal investigations of Abramoff huh?

    Grassrootsguy, I’m happy for you to tie your chain to Reed and see where that takes you… Perhaps you’d like to go and work for Abramoff and see if there are any crumbs left?

    The bottom line is that local elected officials are making the decision to support someone who will roll up their sleeves and get to work like Casey Cagle… Momentum is building and will continue to build in his efforts.

    As for Ralph, his support has been dwindling since he announced…

  12. Ben Raspail says:

    Casey Cagle is so good at “rolling up his sleeves and getting to work” that he has been absolutely impotent when it comes to getting anything done in the Senate in 10 years! He has the reputation of being one of the laziest, least trustworthy Senators. I guess that’s why he could never manage to convince his colleagues to elect him to any leadership position, despite being one of the most senior Senators. I don’t think he’s gonna manage to convince anyone else to give him more responsibility either. Oh, and P.S., not real impressed with an endorsement list that is topped off with a county coronor who was recently decertified by the state board for not completing his continuing ed courses. Hysterical! But, I guess not so funny when you consider the county taxpayers still had to pay his coronor salary despite his inability to legally perform the job!

  13. Bull Moose says:

    Ah Ben, you poor man, lost in the wilderness of the web of Reed’s lies and distortions…

    Of 200 elected officials to endorse Casey, you go after a coroner? Good job!

    I guess Casey did such a bad job as a State Senator that’s why his colleagues asked him to run for Lt. Governor? And I guess he’s so lazy that’s why he serves as Chairman of the powerful Finance Committee?

    Your logic is fuzzy young man…

  14. grassrootsguy says:

    Bull Moose,

    By his colleagues you mean State Senator David Shafer, don’t you? That’s who is really behind this as he hopes to take Reed down. I was in GA for the chairman’s race and I am familiar with the attempt on Shafer and Cagle’s part to take down the Senate leadership previously.

    I don’t think Cagle is pure as snow and it is Shafer who will be his downfall.

    DC is watching this and pulling for Reed, with one exception in your delegation.

    Cagle is a front for Shafer who wants to control the Senate and the GA GOP.

  15. landman says:

    To all of you DC types keep worshiping your boy RR and your heads planted firmly in the sand.Georgia deserves better than to be drug through the mud that a Reed administration would bring.Ethics,or lack of may not be high on the priorioty list in DC,but thankfully they still do in Georgia.Reed’s problems are just starting and he will need all that New YORK and DC money to bring down those high negatives,and it still will not save him from defeat.

    Two more of RR steering committee members wrote CC checks ,Im not sure but I think thats 8 in the last month or so, would one of you DC experts like to explain how this good for RR and bad for CC?The reality is they like many others have come to the realization that RR will not be good for Georgia and have decided to go with experince,integrety,and character over smoke and mirror ethically defecit alternatives.

    CC will win this race with the same model that Issacson employed and RR can go back to DC and do his backdoor deals with the swine that he has been running with in the past.


  16. larry smith says:

    So, at the end of two days of posts, Cagle has 200 elected officials and Ralph has demonstrated …. nothing, except another embarassment for himself in today’s AJC.

  17. This is interesting. I like this DC KNOWS BEST mentalitly going around (sic). Poor Ralph Reed.

    Georgia voters do not take kindly to DC or anyone for that matter outside of Georgia telling them who to vote for. Why do you think Talmadge stayed in office for so long? It was not like FDR and other National Dems liked him.

  18. Bill Simon says:

    “Grasssroots” in D.C.? Ahahahahaha!…really, that is funny.

    The only thing that matters in D.C. is how many zeroes are before the decimal point of the check someone writes Grassroots’ boss.

  19. Romegaguy says:

    Let’s see, Casey has 200 folks behind him (including some former Reed folks) and little Ralphie has 2 state senators (Staton who has some kind of book deal with Ralph and Hudgens who shares the same first name), 1 state rep (Graves who has his own problems right now) and a group of indian casino owners…

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