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Someone had asked what Kathy Cox has done for education during her time in office and here is a partial answer from the Georgia Public Policy Foundation “Friday Facts”(which for some reason I received today):

The Georgia Performance Standards in science have been ranked as the 12th-best science curriculum in the country by the Thomas Fordham Foundation, which also said the standards were among the “most improved” in the nation. Fordham had given the previous curriculum an F; the new standards earned a B. Source: Georgia Department of Education

Read the actual report here.

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  1. HeartofGa says:

    How interesting that you would site science as an example of how Georgia has improved. I read the entire article, and found the last sentence very interesting:

    “(We understand that the intelligent design creationists are very active in Georgia, too, but so far it appears that they haven’t succeeded in mutilating the state standards.) Grade: “B.””

    I guess the writer was unaware that our very own Kathy Cox is one of those who failed to “succeed in mutliating the state standards.” Sounds like the progress occurred in spite of her efforts rather than as a result.

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