Cheap Furniture for Everyone!

According to the AJC.

IKEA, the Swedish housewares retailer, will open a 1.7 million square foot import center at the port of Savannah that will create 150 new jobs, state and company officials confirmed Tuesday.

The first phase of the facility, to be built on 2,200 acres of Georgia Ports Authority land known as the Savannah River International Trade Park, will open by 2007.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    I thought the AJC were a bunch of liberals who lied about everything, whether it is about Ralph Reed or some company from a Socialist country building a distribution center in Savannah…?

    Boy, I sure wish you ninnies who whine every time about the AJC when they report something bad on some rock star politician would at least be consistent!

  2. Erick says:

    It is a bit frightening when a company from a socialist country is building a distribution center in Georgia. What again are they distributing? Wealth?

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