Is Jones County Becoming France?

No, but I liked writing the headline that way. Why? Jones County has gone to a four day work week for some employees.

Ever have the feeling your work day keeps getting longer?
Employees of Jones County’s public works department do, and they love it.

They now work 10-hour days, but only Monday through Thursday, giving them three-day weekends.

“I believe my guys would work 24 hours a day if it meant having Friday off. They love this new schedule,” said Laten Boniol, the department’s special projects supervisor.


  1. Chris says:

    I’ve got a friend who works for the state (DNR I think) who said Perdue offered to let people go to 4×10 vs 8×5 after the Rita induced diesel (non) shortage.

    He now spends more time in traffic and burns more fuel as a result.

  2. Melb says:

    Allowing some to work 4-10 hour days actually has a lot of benefits, like not having to take off of work for doctor or dentist appointments during the week. This also can help save money for daycare and gas.

  3. Farris, I am not sure how he would burn more gas working only 4 days?

    I like the idea, it also cuts down on Traffic. If they hit traffic in the morning they should not hit it that night or vise versa.

    Oxendine has done something similar to this, his office is open until 7:00pm. Wachovia is actually doing this now at the branches that are open until 7.

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