Economic news.

State tax collections continue to rise

“The underlying economy continues to remain strong,” said Kenneth Heaghney, the state’s fiscal economist. “People still have spending power, they continue to buy.”

It appears there will be a sizeable surplus heading into the Legislative session. Politicians with surpluses really scare me.

Delta, pilot compromise gives airline short-term boost; talks will continue

“This agreement reflects the resolve of Delta people to work together to help save the company,” Delta financial chief Ed Bastian said Sunday in a statement. “We recognize and appreciate the additional sacrifice this will represent.”


  1. Tommy_a2b says:

    I bet our Good Republican Legislature does not refund the extra cash. Probably will do something crazy like bail out DELTA. The other day Senator Eric Johnson posted about the physcal conservativness (is that a word?) of our State elected GOP Legislative Members. I guess we shall soon see our physcally conservative they are. Senator Johnson if you read this I am not pointing you out. I just remember the thread. I am always fans of my brothers AEKDB.

  2. I beleive the word is Fiscal not Physcal. I thought fraternities only had 2 or 3 words like

    Sigma Episilon
    Phi Kappa Phi
    Theta Chi
    Sigma Pi
    Delta Thi Delta

    I am not greek though, and am not sure.

    This being the first surplus he have had since Sonny and Republicans has been in control I will give them a pass. But only this time. They have had to make some hard cuts and in certain areas will need to be restored. When I start yelling is when I start seeing PORK, and I do not care if it is Republican or Dem PORK. Or when I see social programs greatly expanded from where they were pre–2002.

  3. Senator Eric Johnson says:

    I’m sure I said “fiscal”, but we will begin by funding about $400 million in property tax relief. Then we start the first year of a 3-year phase out of the state income tax on unearned income for Georgians over 65. That’s about $65 million. Then we begin the debate on what other taxes can be cut. We will also put a couple of hundred million back into our reserve account (like a good conservative should).


  4. Chris says:

    …..we will begin by funding about $400 million in property tax relief…

    Funding? Does that mean raising other taxes to cover the shortfall? Or are you going to find $400M in wasteful spending to cut?

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    FYI to all the AEKDB is between Kappa Sig’s. Senator Johnson understood and that was all that mattered. For Bill Simon, this is another way to verify who he was, lol.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Well then, PA to all my SAE brothers. From what I understand, Senator Johnson once painted the SAE lion…did you do the same when you were in school, Tommy?

  7. Senator Eric Johnson says:

    Yea, yea, yea. Ok Pundistas, I can only afford so much time and only log on at home. I plan to log on from Senate computer during session, but don’t expect long, detailed missives.

    Yes, I am a Kappa Sig from Tulane. And we ought to pay the refugees to return to Louisiana.

    I didn’t learn a lot from ALEC but enjoyed Congressman Linder’s FAIR Tax presentation and the proposal to require that 65% (min) of tax dollars on education go to classroom, not administration.
    I met with G7. I told them the message from back home was “act like Republicans”. Of course, they knew that.

    Chris: Yes, we have to “fund” a tax cut. Since property taxes are local, we “spend” $400 million in grants to local governments to reduce property taxes.

    I’m outta here for a few days. Carry on!

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