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There were several items of interest in Saturday’s Macon Telegraph:

– Mac Collins is being sued by a consultant that worked on his ’04 Senate race for $15,000 in unpaid consulting fees.

– Macon City Councilman Stebin Horne will make it official on Monday – he’s running for State House District 137.

– Wayne McGuinty, a Republican from Rochelle, plans on challenging former Speaker Terry Coleman for his House seat.


  1. Groseclose says:

    Jason, thanks for making sure that Wayne’s announcement made it to PeachPundit. I certainly hope that people from around the state will rally around his campaign financially. If you look at Terry’s last disclosures, he has contribution from far beyond the boundaries of Telfair, Dodge, and Wilcox Counties. It will take a similar amount of capital from across this state for Wayne to defeat the former speaker.

    Wayne is a husband, father of four, very successful small business owner, city council member, and a Sunday school teacher at Rochelle First Baptist Church. He has been active in statewide and local Republican politics. Maybe his largest contribution was his efforts to help Jay Roberts (R-Ocilla) defeat Newt Hudson (D-Rochelle), a 20 year veteran of the General Assembly. It would be great if he could now defeat another entrenched legislator and land another blow on the Democratic Party come Election Day 2006.

  2. Groseclose says:

    My apologies: Coleman no longer represents Telfair County. At any rate, many, if not most, of his contributors live outside the current 144th District. So, hopefully statewide Republican interests will follow suit for Wayne’s campaign.

  3. GAWire says:

    FYI, Leland Gregory is a sleeze, and most folks in the consulting community know this. The article points this out, but he now works only for Dems and touts his record a lot more than deserved.

  4. Tommy_a2b says:

    Groseclose it sounds as if you may know Wayne McGuinty. If you know how to contact him and let him know I own land on the Golden Isles Pkwy in Eastman and would allow him to post a sign. As someone who lives in Gwinnett I have a hard time keeping up with things down there. My email is [email protected].

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